Friday, February 15, 2008

the bible told me so.

a few years ago I read something in a book (bible is latin for book) that didn't jibe with my understanding of that subject. I went and grabbed my tools, and experimented until I proved the book wrong. Actually a lot of my friends has read the same line in that book and took it as gospel. The Gospel According to John D MacDonald. It was a procedural issue with how handcuffs can be shimmed. He said that there were special knurled places that prevent shimming. I never found any.

I have escaped from every set of handcuffs ever put on me. The cops now know better than to cuff me in an unsocial situation. I tend to embarrass them in booking by tossing the cuffs to them, as I get out of the car.

I have parlayed this into a good lecture class.

"The second best way to get out of handcuffs is to use a key.
The third way is a shim made from mommy's large bobby pin.
the first? oh that's not to get them put on you to begin with...."

At the end of the class, I give the students a cuff key, a large bobby pin, and tell them to either buy a pair of cuffs, or have a local cop cuff them, and run off with the cuffs. Sorry if I've caused either Matt G or Lawdog to lose a pair of cuffs......