Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm sure I'll go to hell!

And if my room there doesn't have mirrors on the ceiling...

Your Deadly Sins

Lust: 60%

Greed: 20%

Wrath: 20%

Envy: 0%

Gluttony: 0%

Pride: 0%

Sloth: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14%

You'll die while in the throws of passion - the best way to go.

Will you fucking stop cheering?

Location, Chez Outrageous.

Papa Outrageous, and My humble Self watching TV. NCIS!

Ziva: What do You know about the American Dream!

Tony: Well, I'm a white male between the ages of 18 and 49 with a loud mouth, and a gun. I AM The American Dream.

No! I will NOT fucking stop cheering!

Friday, August 27, 2010

They want my lead!

According to Tam, The EPA wants my lead bullets.

Now us seething, angry gun nuts have seriously had
problems with politicians acting like they wanna get shot.
But this chick actually came out and said she wants our

Thank You Lisa Jackson, EPA. That is the most straight
forward un mixed message a woman ever gave me.
You want my lead, just come on over, and I'm sure you'll
get all the lead you can handle.

Before Barry and company try to impose The Chicago
Way upon all us bitter clingers, maybe they better ask
if they'd feel right, if we were imposing unacceptable
tyranny upon them.

Remember Jackasses! What goes around.....

And the video, yeah I'm crazy!

late night at the movies!

some nights, I just can't sleep. I just want something to calm my raging mind. Following Nicholas Cage as an arms dealer named Yuri Orlov in Lord of War, was just the ticket. I lost sympathy for Interpol agent Jack Valentine played by Ethan Hawke when he tried to use the wife as a tool to advance his cause, a dirty cop is a dirty cop, if you can rationalize playing dirty once to advance your cause, then you're no better than the people your opposed to and they win. Even if you wipe them off the face of the Earth, they win.

I had an ideological argument with Matt G of Better and Better. Over the issue of Constitutional Liberty, and the Ground Zero Mosque. I felt that the total lack of class on the part of the certainly terrorist sponsored mosque builders, and their intent to build a mosque on the ground where their co-religionists had murdered so many showed a lack of respect for our rights, and our ways. We should deal with them savagely, ruthlessly, and total lack of respect for their lives.

We can't however deny them rights. It applies to everyone, or it's meaningless. I learned that from an old Star Trek episode.

Pity neither the Muslims, or the Democrats, never saw that episode.
The Democrats will say Bush did it first.
Actually Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus, during the Civil War.
I'm sure both Lincoln and Bush actually thought long and hard on the subject of usurping civil liberties and the constitution. And bitterly regretted the necessity.
I'm equally sure that Obama's staff and fellow travelers didn't trouble themselves with any pangs of conscience. After all, we're not even human to them. We're just a bunch of bitter, clingy, cousin humping rednecks, that shouldn't have those rights. That pesky constitution just clutters up the playing field. If they could just have that hung in the toilet paper rack where they want it to be, they could get on with the business with ruling us as their God, Lenin, and his prophet, Ayers, say is the way things should be.

I may go all Claire Wolfe on them yet!
But I'll make sure I don't violate their constitutional rights when I do!

I know, let's sell the Democrats toilet paper, with the constitution and all the amendments printed on it. They always seem to want to wipe their ass with our rights. I only want them to be happy!

At least until I can get Fish & Wildlife to open season on them....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Their Reunion Tour

In 1979 I met my lifelong friend Melvin. He was the guy with the ID, so he bought the beer. Usually with co-subscribed funds. I had the use of my Dad's long van. Once when I had brought my TRS-80 model I from the Game Faire, I had left some cassettes in there. Melvin handed me a tape. My parents' tastes were 40's and 50's do-wop from Radio Shack. Or the girl bait stylings of Roger Whittaker. I was deliriously happy with the AM radio. Most of my friends had cassettes that they would play. I looked at the tape to make sure I wasn't freely consigning my soul to Satan. I didn't know Tipper Gore hadn't suggested warning lables yet. The Label was green, the tape 5 minutes to a side, and the hand-written "Electric Pencil", was bold in my handwriting. "Uh, Mel, This isn't...." "I've heard of them John! They're supposed to be real good!" We wrangled back and forth for a few minutes. I decided the quickest way would be to play it for him.

I stuck the 500 baud computer cassette into the van's Stereo cassette player. Now some of you have heard a modem connect up. A cassette of a program is less tuneful, and lacks the glorious climax of a modem connect. Everyone laughed more in sympathy with Melvin, and sort of at the big nerd who would have such an evil booby trap.

Well time moved on, and about 7-8 years ago, Melvin was between living situations, He had a couple of months before he would go down to Las Vegas and live close to his Mom and relatives. I let him crash at Chez Outrageous.

I let him have the computer room, as we had rocked out there to some good tunes. I let him have my old boom box for radio, my first CD player. I heard "Oh No JOHN!" I went barreling down the stairs to find Melvin quickly switching off the CD and ejecting an AOL CD-ROM disk.

He held it up, "The Electric Pencil!"
I tried to contain myself, Failed!
"The Reunion Tour!"

this one's for you Barry

The skunk has replaced the Eagle as the new symbol of the American Presidency. It is half black, half white, and everything it does stinks!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Starring Grace Park as Hulk Hogan!

She played Boomer in the new Battlestar Galactica.

She's playing Kono in the new Hawaii Five-0.
Y' Remember the big hulking surfer dude that charged into the bad guys in the opening sequence.

You Hollywierd types realize, she's a girl, and those character were guys, right? Right?

I suppose that if the revisualize the WWF she will portray either Hulk Hogan, or perhaps Andre the Giant!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hippy-er than Thou!

Actually I come off more bleeding-heart than your average Liberal.

You are 23% hippie.

You're not in the lowest bracket of non-hippie-hood, but you're close. I advise a field trip to a food co-op or a farmer's market. Do a few interviews and take notes, because there will be a quiz next week to see if you've learned anything.

Are you a hippie?
Take More Quizzes

A Ground Zero Mosque

Says it all!

blogging done right!

Brigid has scored 4 million views.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ROI on college credentials!

ROI stands for Return On Investment.

Now the price of a college education is such that you will be lucky to pay it back.

If I had to face the price of a college education now, I'd head down the road to every carpentry, or mechanic shop, and beg for an entry level gig sweeping floors.
And never darken the doorstep of an alleged Higher Educational Institution.

Most of my education was paid for by the government in the form of Pell Grants, and Guaranteed Student Loans. Which just goes to prove...

Anything you get for free, isn't worth what you end up paying for it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Spaghetti Revolt!

Overheard, in the Outrageous Household.

Pa: Is there a western channel on here,

Me: Here I'll look, -looking on the electronic guide- Nope, just a few odd channels that run a string of westerns. Oooh A&E offers a string of John Wayne movies...

Pa: I didn't mean change it off what you were watching...

Me: Dad! Top Gear just gave me Johanna Lumley and the Dodge Viper, they got nothing to top that!

-Heard later on-

Pa: John are you going to serve us spaghetti until we go nuts?

Me: No, I just wanted to get the meatball recipe right.

Tonight marks the last night of marathon spaghetti dinners, along with the occasional lunch, I think I got the meatballs done right, size, flavor, texture.

I'll give them a week off, then I go back to spaghetti with balls every sunday.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Poodle Shooter's Blues!

Got the gun!

Got the ammo!


Has anyone got a spare half dozen Stripper Clips?
And a Magazine Adapter?

I got an order in with Cheaper Than Dirt, but the thing is on backorder. I am hoping for a friendly LEO that gets those with his/her ammo to kick me down a few.

Ironically I had over 100, but gave them away a few years back.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

my poodle shooter!

Those who tuned in to previous episodes know, that I ordered the Plum Crazy lower from London Bridge Firearms in Lake Havasu Arizona. I took delivery of an upper from some nice people on Gunbroker. and below are the splendid results...
You can see in this second shot that I sprung for a second lower, I'm going to add another 9mm carbine to my arsenal. since they aren't that spendy, I might grab a couple more, build an original AR-15 style minus the forward assist and the brass bump.
God I love this plastic receiver. Now it IS a Mattel toy!!!
now if I could shave a pound or two off the upper, I'd be lovin life.

Coyote hunting up north to break this in......

And the nice Mr. Pearse at London Bridge Arms didn't even charge me extra for consecutively numbered receivers...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Spaghetti with Balls

In a move designed to infuriate the more gourmet readers. I grabbed pasta, Ragu, and store bought meatballs. I wished to make a quick and easy spaghetti. Well like the late Paul Newman on his spaghetti sauce jar, I was less than happy with the results.

This prompted me to do a Google search for 'Meatballs', though I freely admit that the spaghetti sauce was disappointing on the same scale as the election. -I'm still waiting for my Gorram Unicorn-

I have been making my spaghetti on the same recipe since I bellied up to the stove in 1976 or so.
Brown Meat, Drain Meat, add jar of Sauce, cook on low for about 20-25 minutes while bringing pasta to boil, boil pasta for 15 minutes or if unfamiliar with brand, watch like hawk.

My new standard for al-dente means I can 'dente' it without my upper plate. As dysfunctional and hurting as they were, I miss my upper teeth.

Watch this space as I experiment this next week, with the intention of serving 'Spaghetti with Balls'.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I'm 6 feet and 6 inches tall, I have been known to exceed 425 pounds. I have been subjected to abuse by people who have faced down those 20 pounds and sent them packing. There's a comedian on Comedy Central, who comes on stage saying "I lost 280 pounds.... ...Please don't clap, I mean I lost a whole fat man and I'm still fat." That's me right there, I could lose 200 pounds and I might then be physically acceptable to the beautiful people.

But this isn't a post about Downsizing me, it's a post about downsizing my life. Starting with the house.

In the next few days you'll see some new additions to my blog roll. Bits about little houses less than 200 square feet.

When I look back upon my life, I realize that my happiest moments were on the road, in a car, RV, or motorcycle. I blame Charles Kuralt.

I used to live for his On The Road series which was a cheery counterpoint to the depressing news of Vietnam each night. Not to mention Uncle Wally's pro VC stance...

I am looking for a small motor home, which I can live out my days in, but Jay Shafer's small houses tempt me! I think it's the trailer they are built upon. I love the idea of putting a house on wheels and seeing if absence does really make the heart grow fonder.

Ewwww ICK!

My sister Susan came to visit. She went in for the Lap-Band surgery to lose weight. To get enough nutrition in the admissible space, she supplements with Atkins Protein Shakes. She left a couple behind rather than deal w/TSA. Tonight I was feeling massively peckish. I tried one. Nice to know that diet food manufacturers still make Torquemada appear warm, fuzzy, and cuddly by comparison.

My mom tried The Cambridge Diet back in the late 70's when it were the latest rage. A doctor on my paper route said, "Anyone using that stuff, deserves to lose weight." They had sent him a couple of cases, and he tried it out, and gave it away as fast as he could.

Sometimes I wished I'd scored the waiver when I was 27 so I could go to army doctor school. People just hunt you down and send you stuff when you have an MD after your name.

And sometimes it tastes like shit.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Is it just me?

Or do all ar-15 owners get a little upper-ty after a while.

I got a fairly standard upper for my new poodle shooter.
Now I'm eager to acquire uppers in 9mm, .45acp and maybe .50 beowulf.
Certainly that 6.8, just to see what all the shooting is about!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

poodle shooter step 2

Took delivery of the upper, found out the postal cutie is gun people, ditto her husband.

Say what you will about Jammin' Jenny, and I will over the course of the next few weeks, it's a hoot of a Chinese Puzzle. I spent the bulk of the afternoon taking it down to the barrel and put it back together again. I might just get a set of triangular forend guards, they give them away at the gun shows. I love the original retro look. I'm condemned to spend the next week nurse maiding the lower through to my gun shop.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I will probably make a couple of these. I freely admit that my favorite episode of Star Trek had Space Gangsters. Being me, though, I'll probably carve models out of wood, and cast them in aluminium.