Monday, June 27, 2011

Aunt Lisa is pulling through!

We got in at 3:30am. Elizabeth visited her Aunt Lisa in the hospital today. She is recovering and asking to have all the tubes removed. Tomorrow I'll go in to see her myself.

Got a lot of friction on the home front for this trip.
But I proved it can be done, maybe Dad will try so he can see his daughters a few more times.

I'm sorry I'm not showing much affect, I drove down in three days, and I'm spent!

Update 4pm local time. The tubes are out, and she's eating crushed ice, and talking!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

last wednesday

My love got a call from her relatives back south.

Her Aunt Lisa is on Life Support!
we just jumped in the car and drove!
we're in Peverly MO.
Hoping to see South Carolina today!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rock & Roll Heartbreak

Take 5 slackers, lazy, but talented.

Teach 2 of them to play guitar.
Teach 1 to play bass.
Teach 1 to play drums.
Take the one who is too cool to learn anything, and let him do vocals.

Get them to interact and cooperate to the extent that they wont suck in public.
Then when they have the belief that they have some potential,
Play The Kinks' Working At The Factory!
Then start to form a new group!
Or just help them hock their instruments and find new jobs!

...and the bar owners wonder why I won't be their pimp anymore...

after three days!

I was totally pissed off, someone had taken my Jennings 22LR pistol.

Actually I loaned it out to them. I thought they knew how to care for a gun.
They didn't. They lubed it with BABY OIL!
I got it back, it looked like it was covered in TOE JAM!
I'm still convinced it would benefit from a day in the can of carb cleaner.

Since last Friday, I have been trying to get this sweet, inexpensive pistol, to act like a pistol again. Two years of abusive neglect, had turned it into a paperweight.
It would fire the first round, maybe chamber and fire a second.

I left it alone for 36 hours or so. I looked around for specifications on springs and such, Jennings/Bryco, Jiminez Arms, and a host of others are out of business. I genuinely miss them. They were experts in "Giving a fish". After they went out of business, I had to learn how to wind a spring to a specific weight, size and tension. Fortunately, I had already learned to wind RF and tattoo machine coils.

I had left it alone. now it feeds 4-5 rounds without jamming. If I can get it to fire the whole clip, I'll count it good. I guess I'll see if I can get it to fire the full clip, soak the whole beast in carb cleaner, then powder-coat the pistol, not necessarily black, lime green for preference. I'll settle for blue, pink, safety orange. Whatever is in the hopper, when I get it into the shop.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Drunk off my ass!

I'm a better open mike comedian than most out there!

I'm a severe prop comedy man!
"Open Mike Night! Oh wow! Hey Mike get up here!"
'Mike' comes out from off stage.
I open one side of his jacket.
Light comes on.
I rummage my hand inside his jacket.
(lots of clinking glass sounds.)
I apparently pull a bottled beer from deep inside his chest.
He offers me an opener, I open the beer. Give him back the opener.
Close the jacket -light goes out as I close it!-
As he walks away, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I just opened Mike!"

Easy as sawing a lady in half, and roughly the same illusion.
Simple if you know how....
Don't try this one at home!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What do you know?

I was just braced on the internet by a back-stabbing (is there any other kind?) liberal.

He's one of the types who shrieks "You don't know what you're talking about!".
He thinks he shouts this often enough he'll discredit me, and walk off with my women.

The discussion topic was Weapons of Mass Destruction.
"What the fuck can someone like you know about That!"
(you could just hear the 'You Fat Fuck' hanging out there, unsaid.)

I proceeded to tell him at length about the Gun Method of obtaining Critical Mass.
I then discussed the virtues and faults of slapping two sub-critical mass hemispheres together, vs. compressing a ball by use of explosives. I mentioned the differences that using TNT over C4 would make in a projected yield.

Finally I closed in for the kill, "What do I know about Weapons of Mass Destruction? I own a Rottweiler, and he sports an uncropped tail."

"You wanking Liberal Bitch! I have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of Weapons of Mass Destruction!"

He hasn't returned to the discussion group.

It must be my breath!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

got to the party late!

Let me get this straight!

Lucky Gunner Ammo had a party.

You got to shoot machine guns!

You got to shoot Machine guns with Other People's Ammo!

You got this ammo delivered by cute little girls in tennis shorts and tank tops?

They also brought you cool drinks, and sunscreen?

Some of you are complaining that these women were objectified for the purpose of selling you free ammo.

Allow me to wade through my blogroll, some of you obviously woke up on the left side of the bed today.

well so much for my presumed adulthood

Jeff over in Seattle, just got a link from The Graham Norton Show.

I am wading through it to send choice nuggets to him, and my facebook chums.

So I haven't fallen off the wagon, yet!

But you'll be getting some choice texts!

PS Some of these will be replacing my "I'm in a meeting" texts!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

welfare! government! nobody needs em!

The people who bitch about voting for elected offial!

They need to stop trying to fix government, and build infrastructure.

You can't have universal healthcare without a couple hundred thousand more doctors. I need to build a new circle of friends.

First requirement is the ability to legally drive. Right now, I'm the only person in my extended circle of family and friends with a driver's license!

I once wrote a story about a welfare state where one man, supported the entire welfare state by his own labors. It took me places I didn't even know existed! One man, supporting the entire planet by his constant labors, It proved so depressing, I finally burned the story and all it's drafts.

Imagine for a moment, soldiers, policemen, librarians, everyone on the planet, dependent upon whether you turn in a day's work. Imagine caring so much for these teeming, uncaring millions that you feel obligated to work yourself to death so they could achieve a luxury that you can never find, a luxury they take as their just due, one they don't deserve and wouldn't work for!

Someone needs to run with me on this train of thought!

That's the difference, we care, they care about their appearance and the next ten seconds!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who's the Racist?

A Pharmacist named Jerome Ersland, Desert Storm hero, acted heroically to save the lives of his co workers. For his efforts, a bunch of black people are picketing his place of work proclaiming him a racist. He didn't choose the skin color of his assailants, and it's kinda hard to remember the affirmative action guidelines to coddle incompetent blacks, when they're shooting at you.

Until certain blacks can see past the skin color, to the larceny, the entering a place with the intention to rob and murder...
It isn't the white people who are racists, the black protestors who think 'whitey' should be honored to die so some guy, a loser at 16 years old, can have some money and drugs, those are your racists!

Hey guys The Ku Klux Klan Kalled! You've been approved to be their first black members! After all, they can't get white people to manifest that level of mindless hate!

Free Jerome Ersland!

Next Convention!

I'm going to have a series of Movies. Roughly 36 hours worth. Not necessarily SciFi, just Fun Movies. Frankly, I am getting tired of The Star Wars, Star Trek, and whatever dominating the screen. I almost cued up a bunch of Babylon 5, and Firefly on my computer. Just to break up the monotony.

Next time I'm going to have this available, on the computer, with a HDMI cable for use at cons where the video programming is too blah!