Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reloaders Blues

Over 2000 rounds of 9mm.
300 rounds of .45-70 (single press).
700 rounds of .45 Long Colt.
1200 rounds of .38. (for Dad, so I shant bitch)
It's the .45 ACP that pisses me off.
so much the 1400 rounds.
The fact that some genius at Fiocchi thought
that a small pistol primer pocket on some
rounds was a good idea.

If I ever find this genius, I have a swirly earmarked
just for him.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to my Roots!

I've FOUND you Steve Ciarcia!
(Let's see James Earl Jones do that line with a straight face!) :)
Back when I was an under-twenty-something, there was a column in Byte Magazine, that for me was the only reason to buy Byte Magazine. Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar. We learned to build our own techno toys. Sorry Bobbi! I love tubes, and transistors. But DIP Integrated Circuits are the grownups Legos. I'm playing around with GPS Chips. I saw what they want for development and eval kits. Since I have a few -dozen- gps-chipped phones, I'll be making a eval kit from a defunct shoe phone.

actually this project, if carried out to it's full conclusion, would have me a power supply that I can recharge at any time. Then I could adapt the display to show the gps coordinates. If I could figure out how to do that now, I wouldn't have to remove chips from phones.

Has anyone messed with phone GPS chips?

I messed with a few On-Star Boxes! Too big for anything other than entertainment value.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now I'm really pissed off!

I woke from a confused dream, uneasy for my friend.
Let me start from the beginning.
When I was younger, 25, I had a hard core drinking buddy, 40-something. I dreamed of him as he was then, and I as I am now. I was trying to help him find his lost love. He told me this story one night. He'd met a woman, gave up the booze for her. On the night that he'd told her they should marry, he took a drink to celebrate. As was the way with him, one drink led to 20 more. He sobered up, not only couldn't find her, he couldn't even find the town she was in...

I dreamt that I was trying to help him find her. My take on the original story was that he'd hiked to the "backyard" of the land he'd staked out for them, got turned around, and somehow ended up 50 miles away. It could happen! A friend and I, chased a deer from North Dakota, 20 miles into Canada one time.

We triangulated where this town should be. There was only a graveyard, the largest part of which held the residents of a town wiped out by a flash flood. In 1947. 40 years prior. Either my drinking buddy was almost 70, or he somehow got transported in time.

All the dream was pieces of experiences from those days. Driving drunk down a country road, friends and I found the cemetery. We drove home much more sober than when we arrived. It took five years of pre-internet research, before I again found the graveyard and town.

I doubt there was any actual connection between my drinking buddy, and the unfortunate residents of that graveyard. I did find several people who died in their teens and twenties. Gave me pause for thought.

But what pissed me off, is a friend sent me links to all the foreign people who thought we should vote for Obama.

Now in any Americans endorsed a foreign candidate, it'd be the kiss of death for them. Like if I said anything regarding Andrea Merkel, other than admiration of her tits she showed off for us. Germany would rise to a man, and say, "How dare that stinking Amerikaner tell us who to vote for!"

As for Nicholas Sarkozy, If that narcissistic ass tries to influence American policy, or opinion one more time, I'll send a resolution to the UN that we give France back to Germany.

I think that Harold Saxon was the best choice to lead the UK.

but I'd only venture that opinion if asked. And only to a fellow Doctor Who fan.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Everybody have a Merry Christmas

Unless you'd be happier not to.

I'm off to ponder the true meaning of Christmas.

Nothing on TV anyway.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

counter point

that's the title of Tam's post.


Tam and Roberta X are mentioning that the newspapers in our captive press are trying to start a holocaust against gun owners.

Joanna disagrees.

I disagree with the whole thing.
Our politics shouldn't be driven by people who are so afraid of guns, they would require the government to forcibly disarm us. Half the big voices, Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer, are liars and hypocrites. They own guns, carry for self protection. They just don't want any of US to....

We need to go on the offensive now. As far as I am concerned, anti-gunners are willing partners to every murder, theft, and rape that happens in this country. Any time an anti gunner starts to spout off, we need seven loud women screaming RAPIST!

They have demonized us gun owners nonstop since Robert Kennedy's assassination. It is time to take the fight back to them. They aren't expected to be truthful or logical, hit them with their own Alinsky-Fueled activism.

I don't care if I AM a heart patient!

this is just too tasty to give up....

boring saturday

busy though, Dad screaming for me to do seven thing at once.
I got to help relocate a bear.
Glaring at myself in the mirror, I was tempted to shave my head.
I'll wait till after my Birthday (Feb 23rd) or maybe St Patty's Day.
I was reading a friend's old blog entries, and wondered if he still had
the issues with shaving his head....
For gosh sakes Gus, It grows back so fast. It's acceptable to everyone
cept. hippies within 10 days.

I'm not a fair witness though, since the first Dune Movie, I find bald women
totally hot.

In other news, I just got prescribed nitro glycerin pending a heart study.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Democrats, They're what's for Breakfast!

The right to have an opinion.
That's The American Way!

Anyone remember those PSAs?

someone would ask diverse persons how they felt about say.... Eggs.
Tape all the answers.
Then someone would deliver the tagline above.
I think it was from the AD council...
I don't remember any after Clinton got elected...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There's Justice After All

There was a certain scum bag I mentioned in a previous post.
Cops just caught him with a 15 year old girl, and a metric ton of child porn.
It's horrible, but compared to what I had planned for him, he got off light.

God has a wicked sense of humor sometimes. He puts temptation in my path,
then shows that he can out nasty me any day of the week.

And twice on Sundays...

first snow!

got a PF 9, pics to follow. little guy, smaller than most .380s. kicks like a baby missoura mule. I must stop extending my pinky like I'm drinking tea oh so posh. Aside from that, I'm looking like I'm making a heavy metal salute with a pistol in my hand.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can we trade Obama?

I want This Guy!