Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winchester White Box Update!

Less than a week ago I posted THIS...

Winchester gave me a $10.00 coupon.

I'm gonna shop for a box of .45 JHP.

Life is good!

Monday, January 25, 2010

what's in it'ssss Pocketssss Precioussss?

My good bud Marko started the "pockets" meme yet again.

Lessee, I just got my Gerber EVO knife swiped by a theater seat. The other knife is a dollar store special. The three white tubes are in ascending order of size, a vicks inhaler, my pill bottle, and my pocket change, -also has a motel sewing kit. Brown bottle contains my nitroglycerin tabs. Cell phone and two batteries. Billfold. Tape measure for any barroom bets. Mini Bic Lighter. Keys w/VW remote. Kel-Tec PF-9 in 9mm with spare round. 2 spare mags in my jacket along with 2 spares each for the S&W 457 in .45ACP, and the Tokarev in 7.62x25mm.

oh and a green bandanna for brow-mopping and nose-blowing...

This is just my pants mind you. I must carry 20 pounds in my safari vest...

I do wonder what would happen if I popped 4 nitroglycerin tabs into that hollow point? Would it actually go boom?

When ya really wanna rip an MP3

I have a stereo cassette player next to my computer downstairs.
A friend can bring me over a usb equipped turntable to rip a record track.
And I even have a wire to rip from the radio or my cell phone.
Now I've hit a new high. Or Low!
Songs I've heard 30 years ago, I found on youtube.
Now I hook the wire from my laptop to the ripping computer.
And IF the RIAA reads this, I'm prepared to pay a royalty competitive to
what I'd pay for a song on itunes or whadever!
I'd buy the CD or vinyl if you'd get the label to reissue!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I truly love the Internet!

back in the day, I'd have to trundle down to the library, let the little goth girl talk me into doing my own research. Then a dozen patrons seeing me behind the info desk would converge like locusts, wanting me to help them out.

Now I just type in a song lyric, and I get my results. What used to take a week, (or at least all day), now comes back instantly. Plus the feature that I get naked wimmen in my face. Whether I want them or not. I get my own live nude women now. All I gotta do is not do the laundry when it's my turn.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Winchester White Box Wonder!

Back in the Halcyon days of the past, I'd buy a box of 100 rounds of 9mm or .45acp Winchester usually in Full Metal Jacket. I drop the rounds into trays so it'd be easier to load into magazines at the range. Sometimes I'd be pleasantly surprised by an extra round, once two extra rounds. Quite the deal for $10-11.

Well the last 5 boxes I scored on my last three journeys to the Valley Wal-Mart had 99. My first impulse was to shrug it off. I'd gotten enough bonus rounds over the years...

Then I realized the boxes all had the same lot number. maybe I'd better give them a friendly heads up.

Guy called back today and took down my information in detail.
I'll keep everyone posted....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

we're bastards?

this commentator says he'd vote ten times to keep "those bastards" (non Democrats) out of office.

We're Bastards?

Democrat's want to take freedom, the constitution, anyone who disagrees with them, and give them the same fate as a 14 year old asian girl in a snuff porn movie.

We're Bastards!!!!!
Let's be Inglorious Basterds.
Let's all send 100 democrat scalps to either Brad Pitt or Quentin Tarantino.

Chris Matthews weighed in as pro-cheating.
That's no surprise.
He waiting in the wings, if Michelle leaves, Chris will be there to console Barry.
I mean during the election his fellow reporters were saying 'get a room'.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bart is 20! Have a Cow Man!

The Simpsons have run for 20 years as a tv show.
Before that they were a short on the Traci Ullman Show. (I remember her!)

Back about that many years ago my hairdresser, -hell she was cheaper, and hotter than most barbers- asked me what I thought of the Simpsons.
I thought about it for 20 seconds, and replied, "Initially I didn't like them, but now I believe they are this generations Flintstones."

Turns out she wanted my weigh-in on O.J.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hack-a-sauris Rex

About three months ago, I went on the low sodium kick.
Unlike the true Nazis in the pursuit of better health,
I can't throw out all the salt shakers in the house.
I bought Kosher Salt and a half dozen sea-salt grinders.
I have a couple of shakers that will grudgingly dispense large granule salt.

The grinders were bought from the spice rack, and were intended for single use.
I unwittingly bought two brands Medallion and McCormick.
The grinder caps just screw off the Medallion brand.
I'm a great fan of screwing off, just ask anyone I used to work for.
I could get a job done in a third the time, just so I could get to the screwing off part.

The McCormick has a proprietary style of grinder, the glass jar has no threads.
Just four nubs that interface with one of the plastic grinder wheels.
(pictures to follow I hope)
And the cap has a ring at the base that engages a ring at the lip of the glass.
By sacrificing one empty grinder, I now know how to refill and reuse the
McCormick grinders. Effectively making Schilling/McCormick my bitch.

logic bomb

I left this on a blog after a gun, anti-gun, debate.
The gunners were making valid, succinct, points.
The antis were threatening fisticuffs, and editing the pro's posts.

I left this regarding a Palin debate.
It's too good to go in the bit bucket.
Plus at this point I'm trying to preserve my personal history.
here goes........

I was with the SEIU back in the early days after 9-11.
At one point, politics making strange bedfellows,
I found myself marching in a peace rally with
The Peace and Justice Action League.
My fellow marcher and wing woman was a classic Hippy.
She would not have looked out of place teaching Head Start in 1969.
She bemoaned the fact that we kept voting in the wrong politicians.
If we could just vote in the right politicians......
I had to set her right. Not as a right-wing slobbering gun psycho,
But as someone who had taken college logic classes.
And as someone who had worked at a customer call center.

Darling woman, you defined the problem, and ignored it at the same time.
The problem isn't voting for the wrong politician....
The problem isn't voting for the right politician....
The problem is voting for the politician....
STOP voting for the politician....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Apocalypse NO!

It was a Dutch Film Director that took down the Terrorist with Semtex Crabs.
If I actually have any readers...
Please tell me which Director you'd like to see take on a terrorist!
And what they'd do about him.

Dad went with Clint Eastwood. Guess he'd strap dude to the front of his Gran Torino!

I figured Oliver Stone would need $50 million, and the opportunity to hook Charlie Sheen on Marlboros.

Voter's Run

Picture the scene from Logan's Run.
Disembodied head of Michael York rotating,

There is NO Global Warming!!!
There is NO Global Warming!!!
There is NO Global Warming!!!
There is NO Global Warming!!!
There is NO Global Warming!!!
There is NO Global Warming!!!

Al Gore was, and is, a politician!
By Definition!
Every thing that comes out of his mouth is a lie!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three people you should know!



And Her! ... A big Chocolate Chip Cookie will go to whoever tells me the opponent to Nancy Pelosi... and a $25.00 campaign Contribution to said worthy.

As long as it isn't Cindy Sheehan!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gun post!

I was going to say, I hadn't made very many gun posts but the last several were gun posts one way or another, I was offered a range membership for a year. Roomie figures that every round I sail downrange builds my skill set in case those folks she's pissed off show up again. I was going to say every round I put down range is one that wont pop in her ass. I guess I'll be out at the range once a week just to keep the membership up. Twice a week if it's possible to actually meet women there.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

a prayer for these people

I think the McManus family prayer from The Boondock Saints would be the right one.
I mean for the scum who killed his own family....