Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You care more about that mangy dog.....

I have been hit with that accusation. Now it's true that Chester not only has a Website. He also has a valid set of court adoption papers, and a defunct LLC incorporation. The idea was to make him multiply human under the law. I had a Stalinist, Socialist, Democrat as a neighbor that told me that I was going to put down that dog or he'd kill him. Actually I'd have broken every bone in the guy's body before he harmed my dog, Either he's a pet/family member, or he's livestock. Either way, the law was more on my side than his. Mostly cos he was an asshole. He said "You care more about that mangy dog, than you care about my children." I told him if his best uses for his children were as hostages to coerce my behavior, maybe I should contact his ex-wife's lawyer...

He is right though, I decided not to have children, cos I refuse to let the state use them as hostages. Public Schools that are total sewers. Where losers in life can console themselves by destroying the future, by warping our children to their viewpoints. I've been reading Robert Kiyosaki's works and he's relatively mild in his condemnation for an obsolete, flawed, broken, and destructive system.

Michael Vick will do prison time for running a dog-fighting ring. most of the people who will condemn him, will turn around and plop their kids into the public education system. An identical environment....

Maybe I care more about your kids than you thought!
Certainly more than you do....ASSHOLE!

Concealed Carry

It's harder to carry off concealed carry, pardon the pun, than it used to be! When I was younger, non-diabetic, and was yet to succumb to three instances of heat stroke, I could hide a .32 above the hemline of knee shorts. I managed yesterday to carry a .22 in an ankle holster. I also stashed a Tokarev in my waistband. The ankle holster was one of those cut down from a belly-band designs. The pocket was capable of carrying a colt python or charter bulldog. Needless to say it needs work. I think I could make better from an ACE ankle bandage. In fact at one point 27 years back, I DID! Watch this space for further developments!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


well that's what Breda referred to it as. I guess that's a good a name for it as any. I don't have lofty ambitions of attending webloggers conventions. Or making more of a difference than I do now. But for now I'll have the tip jars out in case anyone actually reads my stuff. Yvonne the famed Dutch Bitch, had me in line for a site makeover. Well her life has went from hectic to ballistic, so she isn't doing any blog-pimping for a few more months...

I'll try to tart up my own blog. I used to be a web designer in the early years of the internet. I don't want to sound too needy but......

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Ruminations Apropos of nothing much

Did ya ever look through the comics pages and realize that they are not only recycling old strips, they are making the characters do double duty. Peppermint Patty, and her sidekick Marci also appear in Doonesbury as Duke, and his sidekick Honey Huan. It would explain a lot of things about Duke's gonzo personality. That over the edge gonzo wacko we know and love is really a lesbian transvestite. I mean Marci and Honey, regardless of their respective backstories, are essentially the exact same person.

I'm sometimes wondering if really I'm just a brain in a jar. It seems all my best ideas get stolen. I had a childhood fantasy of shooting down nuclear missiles with my trusty pea-shooter. Later, the game Missile Command comes out. Some of my best ideas ended up as saturday cartoon entertainment during the 70's and 80's. And a science fiction story I spent a dozen years playing with, has too many elements in common with the tv show Eureka to be fun anymore.

I really need to inform the bloggers I'm literarily stalking, (maybe it's one of those unrequited things where I can tell everyone except them), that I've linked to them and if they'd give me a shout, friendly or otherwise, I'd love them forever, which by my stopwatch is twenty minutes with b vitamins, an energy drink, and viagra....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my inner western badass

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