Wednesday, April 28, 2010

post from comment!

I was over on Roberta X's blog, and had a pleasant memory of my recent past recalled.

to wit;

**** Quote ****
I so wanted a Royal Enfield Robin for my bio-diesel fiddling. I freely admit it to be aimless fiddling.
You can't save the world.

As for changing the world, like any baby, it prefers staying in dirty diapers.

I had no idea how true that was 'til I had a baby of my own to tend.

Also like a baby, if you try to change the world, it will let loose right in your face...

Adjust for scale!

**** End Quote ****

It is physically impossible to buy a diesel motorbike.

I should have bit the bullet and made my own VW Trike based upon a vanagon style engine setup.

Not a front drive engine switched to rear drive. That route leads to heart break.

I messed with a Geo Metro trans-engine trying to make a modern trike.

I finally sold it and my notes to a more determined gear-head than I.

Last I looked, he was still twiddling the design.

Of course, maybe Bobbi could lend me a hand, she presents like she likes tilting at windmills.

Then again, if she gave up her MGB, she might have that out of her system.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fresh Fish

A few years ago, I had a desire to have fish available whenever I wished. To this end I spent the previous year building up an impressive worm ranch. First I tried to harvest a hundred worms a night from the local parks. The most medium sized would go into styrofoam cups to be sold as fishing worms. The rest would be encouraged to breed. By Spring, I had a vigorous operation of anywhere between 10,000 to 50,000 worms. I had also discovered the commercial possibilities of earthworm castings. I had two tanks, one of 500 gallon, one of 300 gallon size. I also had 6, 55 gallon drums. At the end of my venture, despite my best efforts, the drums had a foot of solid matter in the bottom. The 500 gallon tank containing the trout didn't survive the summer heat. I made my money back by selling fish emulsion fertilizer. I did have a good harvest of catfish and tilapia. Between the drums, and the tank I harvested 635 pounds of fish, which translated to 9 ounces per pound of edible meat. Non edible items were, ground up, frozen, and later tilled into the soil. While I didn't get the trout in abundance I craved for my plate, I did get enough fish, to be disinclined to repeat the experiment any time soon.

But I know how to make corn grow like no bodies business...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What I believe!

I believe, some guys that dressed real funny, and wore powdered white wigs, got together and decided that we didn't need to bow down before the clinically insane, whether they are named King George the third, or Barack Hussein Obama. I believe that probably isn't fair. I'm sure Barry's a nice guy, and he really doesn't mean to tyrannize or oppress us, even if we disagree with his socialist agenda for destroying America's greatness. It won't be Mr. Obama who does this. It will be a swarm of faceless, soulless bureaucrats, to whom people are just numbers. To CRUNCH!

I believe, a government incapable of running a post office, has no business trying to run our health care. I believe a government that would lie, sneak, and cheat, to pass this abortion of a bill into law, has no respect for the rule of law, and no respect for the people it has sworn to protect and defend.

I believe we should show our dissatisfaction at our earliest opportunity.
I mean VOTE!
I not only want the Democrats out.
I want them to face an opponet they deserve.
Randy Orton of the WWE perhaps...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Acer NetBook!

As Brigid said, "All the cool kids are getting one!". I plunged and got an Acer Aspire One Netbook. I was gonna gut out the hard drive and replace it with my Acer Laptop Drive. Well I found a power connector on eBay, and I'm gonna try to fix the old laptop.

This new little guy may not be the Monkey's Nuts, but it's definitely the cat's ass.....