Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The A-Team

Well it doesn't generate the visceral excitement that the weekly show did. That may be due to the fact that my viscera have changed in almost thirty years. It also may be due to the fact that they try to tie everything up from the show and the movie.

Is it me, or did it seem like Liam Neeson was trying more for a saner version of Dennis Hopper, rather than George Peppard.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry and Happy Everyone!

I want everyone to feel as good as I do right now.

Even Democrats and Hippies!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

sorry for not sharing!

I have been blessed by the open hand of God!

A little over six months ago, I had everything I had ever striven for, woman, child, happily ever after, reft away from me by a senseless event. I was ready, willing even, to just curl up and die. A few good friends out in the blogs, wouldn't let me. They offered what comfort they could. A few went beyond and kept me occupied, if not exactly sane.

And because I kept the Faith, I now have my new love lying beside me.

I have been given a second chance.

I'm going to work and act like I deserve it!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

kindle, iPad? Naaaahhhh

What I want for Xmas is that NewsPad thingy that Arthur C Clarke figured out for 2001 A Space Odyssey. Basically a Kindle on steroids. With a video cellphone thrown in for shits and grins. In less than 25 years we got everything from Star Trek, The Next Generation, except Warpdrive, and the Transporter. We still haven't scored the replacement for books, newspapers, videophones and TVs yet. And our brightest mind conceived this in what? 1968! Or 1965 if the initial production had it!

Probably my first actual case of covet.

I still want one!

Friday, November 26, 2010

happy thanksgiving to my favorite turkey!

Actually she's not obtuse or dense, she just willfully refuses to concede that you have a valid point. She is just like the former majority in congress, willing to find common ground with you, as long as the common ground is that you agree with her.

There is no honesty in any anti gun person. They want what they want, and they have no compunction about lying, cheating, stealing or even killing to silence any dissenting voices....

It's not even that they want to save us from ourselves, they just want to make sure they disarm us, because they know full well what they intend to do to us would give us a clear case of self defense in any court in the land.

Except New Jersey of course...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

we need real leadership

not this America-hating loser who offers the world tyrants a bow and a knobber.

I want my country back, and I want those true enemies of America six feet under molten lava.

No Jeff!

My friend from over in Seattle has voiced the opinion that retiring politicians, and ALL active Democrats, should be ground up, to feed the welfare class they created.

Immediately I pointed our the flaw of this idea.

We can't stomach them as political figures, we certainly couldn't stomach them as food.

Friday, November 19, 2010

could someone explain this to me please!

Why do people of German and Russian extraction have this incredible hard-on for the state of Montana?

Explanations anyone?

TSA Sux!

Even the Israelis think that this new bit is unforgivably STUPID!

he made my point

Spay or Neuter your politician at the earliest opportunity.

I want to see his birth certificate, where on Earth does silencing dissent and shutting up people you disagree with make people have faith in your actions.

Since he has this belief that that is a way to make people have faith in government, believe in the rightness of government, I'll be shutting him down next election. I got some photoshopped media of him in the monkey house of London Zoo. According to the -non Fox and MSNBC- media, cheating is acceptable to keep the wrong sort of people out of politics.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Interview with President John B!

Reporter: President B! What is your stance on abortion?

Me: I'm against it, it is kinda repugnant as a solution for a problem.
I mean, A woman knows she's liable to get pregnant if she gets into that situation. Somewhere along the Amazon River there's some tribes that start putting medicine in the kids food as soon as they get up around that age, they can fool around all they want, nobody gets pregnant until the kids are married off and ready to start a family.

We got the morning after pill for rape, and there are effective techniques for birth control.

Murder because someone's too lazy, is offensive to me ethically, and it offends my sense of aesthetics.

I knew what a condom was for in late high school, and college, the years after. I had unprotected sex with women, who swore they were unable to become pregnant. With one who swore if I made her pregnant, she'd make me rich. Toward the end of that one, I was ready to say, "Not tonight, I have a headache!" Can you imagine daily sex, on demand, over a time period of six months? She later married a Ob/GYN who through manipulation of her fertility with birth control pills, managed to get her impregnated and carry to term 4 times. As the Doc involved is a she, I reckon that there was a contractor or two involved there. I feel a little gypped there, as I actually suggested the technique, inspired by the lamentations of some of my fellow pizza drivers on failed birth control.

That is my history regarding the abortion issue.

And the more I think about things, I think that politicians should all be 'FIXED'. Unable to reproduce! The world would be a better place.

Sunday, November 14, 2010



I never understood how an insulting strip search by McDonalds rejects was a reasoned response to Muslim Arabs declaring jihad upon us.

In college, I wrote and directed a stage play called GUN CONTROL. Basically it was a line of people holding wooden guns, a politician would walk up to a person, and tell them due to the gun related death of the previous person, they no longer had the right to have a gun, a policeman behind the politician would take the gun, and the stereotypical burglar in striped shirt, porkpie hat, and cat mask would walk up and shoot the disarmed subject.

rinse and repeat.

The play ran for two days before the college administration shut it down, claiming it as too violent. Other plays in the series had luridly depicted rapes and murders. The instructor gave me an A+ because the play was shut down. He was not a fan of the Second Amendment, he was a huge fan of inflammatory. My play by being shut down, became a box office success.

More so, video of the play circulated the campus and outlying areas for months afterward. The video was even co-opted for a student protest of administrative interference in student affairs. "1984 in more than year" ran the headline in the underground paper.

I guess I've always been a right wing agitator!

Hey Barry! you da man!
And I'm sticking it to ya!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning to let go.

This is November. National Novel Writers Month. I didn't even pretend to write a novel this time. I usually can grind our 1500 to 2000 words a day for the first five days or so. Then I fall to reality, the dog needs played with, the net needs surfed. There's housework I've neglected for eleven months that can't wait another damn minute. Anything but sit down to that accursed word processor and kick out a measly five and a half words a minute for roughly six hours a day, over the whole month. I have a half dozen stories screaming to be let loose. A scam artist, turned knight errant, rescuing a former maiden, pursuing a noble quest, but this can't be a swords and sorcery fantasy, for it takes place in the early 21st century! Hell I even have an idea to combine the stories. That would require me to sit still, putting words into computer memory, until I got a minimum of 50,000 words before November 30th.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A few reflections on electricity

Anyone who knows me, locally, knows I'm trying to build a small cabin. On a trailer to start with, then I'll slide it off when I get to my land. Maybe build 2 or 3 more things on the trailer. To slide off when I get to the land. Main Cabin, Work Shop, Small Barn or bunkhouse.

The main thing is figuring out the electrical plans. I already decided not to have outlets at the 12 to 18" level above the floor. Almost 95% of my aggravations of current injuries, result from trying to plug in stuff to those close to the floor outlets. Outlets at the three to four foot above the floor. That's the way I'm going to go.

Also I'm going to use LED, or filament bulbs, rather than the CFLs. If you've ever taken a shock from a circuit with florescent lights within, you'll know why. If I ever felt it necessary to use torture to get answers, I'd use a power strip with 5 CFL fixtures plugged in, and a length of lamp cord to apply the 'persuasion'. I guarantee I'd get answers from the most stubborn Taliban Terrorist. Or maybe justice for all that tacky '24' Mom made me watch.

Friday, November 5, 2010

breathlessly counting the days

Until I fetch my true love from a Seattle airport....

What is it about countdown timers?
and buttery popcorn, I just can't resist?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There's someone for everyone.

And thankfully there may be more than one someone...

I was convinced that my someone, my ultimate soulmate, had died of an accidental overdose. I was glumly certain that I might spend the rest of my life without connective, fulfilling, understanding, love.

I may have been wrong.

I'll know for sure December 10th,
as she will arrive in Seattle December 9th.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I might be a Republican

I certainly am NOT a Democrat.

Don't pigeonhole me as "Another God Damn Republican".
First off, referring to God when you despise the entire concept of God and Religion, Annoys me.
Secondly you have this image of a 'republican' in your mind,
That has nothing to do with who I am.
Indeed, if you saw my book recommendations, on, you'd think me a fluffy liberal of the tree-hugging, animal coddling variety.
I have personally helped the poor and downtrodden.
I have held a rape victim, until the police could get her to the hospital.
I have stopped two men from going at each other with knives.
I have even stopped someone from violently opposing an arrogant Democrat, stopped that person from their intention of bashing those arrogant, hateful thoughts on the sidewalk by the simple expedient of bashing that empty head open on said sidewalk.

You can't win an argument with a liberal, because they, like a willful child, mean to have what they want, no matter how much of your money they have to spend to do it. No matter how many of your children have to fight and die to achieve their perceived vision of utopia.

They really don't want to give every burnout on the street corner medical insurance. That could have been done with a deal with the insurance companies. Every one in the US, including illegals, could be insured for $431.00 each. Roughly 130 Billion. Cheaper. More Sensible. They didn't go that route. They wanted to seize control of the one sixth of our economy that the insurance industry represents. They want to hire more goons for the Internal Revenue Service. If their intentions are benign, why are they using the nation's most detested agency for enforcing their self serving mandate?

The quote from Daniel Webster in a previous post says it all.
They mean to govern.
They mean to be Masters.

We are Americans! We are not meant to be Governed, or Enslaved. Most of this we did to ourselves. We stood by while power-hungry demagogues carved themselves large slices off of our freedoms.

Tam over on her blog says it best. The constitution is not a document 'granting us rights'. Those rights are ours from God. The constitution is basically like a list of instructions limiting what government can and can not do to us.

Basically when someone sneers at the tea party. Or scoffs at people who protest the encroaching of our freedoms. I look at that person like one of Issac Asimov's Robots on the one planet looked at regular people, "You are NOT a HUMAN BEING!".

If you have a problem with my not handing you over all my guns, all the money I earned, and the virtue and destiny of me and mine....
You certainly aren't a Fellow American.
Ever FDR with his Fascist, Globalist leanings considered me a 'Fellow American'.
You in the party characterized by a jackass.
You don't even consider me as anything that matters.
It's okay for me to work myself to death in a job that strips my soul, and breaks my heart, as long as I remember to pay you 40% of my earnings for 'the privilege'.
It's okay for me to volunteer to fight on some foreign soil for your ambitions.
But when I think I can constitutionally carry a gun to keep what little you decide to leave me, I've crossed the line.

I don't know what the votes will reflect in 24 hours.
But as the 'Hope and Change' has gone from Bad to Worse, we need to see some light at the end of this tunnel.

A thought!

"There are men in all ages who mean to govern well,

but they mean to govern.
They promise to be good masters,
but they mean to be masters."
-- Daniel Webster

This guy's a Democrat!

But he gets it. Or at least appears to.

I hope he wins. But then it won't be the first time I got seduced by a Democrat that talked out both sides of his mouth. If I were a woman I'd have 20 bastards by now! Of course if I were a woman, I'd probably be smarter and more wary.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I was talking out of my ass

Watching an NCIS episode, I jotted down the things that the MTAC did, and the things that McGee did. I then pronounced that someone could duplicate these for use in the civilian sector for less than $5000.00.

Well if you wished, and didn't require a lot of large, flat-screen TVs, you could probably bring it in for $500.

Spybubble alone is a very scary program. If they show large amounts of sales, I may stop using phones of any kind altogether!

Phone WhoIs is another little gem..

Thank God for Unlimited Minutes

For just a little under or over $50.00 a month, I have a phone that I can call anywhere in the US, Canada, Caribbean Islands, and sometimes Mexico. If I had the stamina, and Unlimited Battery Power, I could speak 24/7 with any of these places for a whole month.

I only realize this, because I am now making 2 hour long calls to my long distance love. 2500 miles is a hell of a distance to keep the flame fanned.

But cheer up good readers. On the Ninth of next month, I pick up my dear one in Seattle.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I had a dream!

Well Tam revealed a dream she had on her blog.

I had a totally hinky dream around last Saturday.
Originally I wasn't going to share it, but Tam's revelation gave me the courage...

My dream was of a younger and stronger me, as an onlooker as a Captain -who looked like my late girlfriend's late father- plead with two stone faced Colonels, played by Alan Alda, and Wayne Rodgers, (whom I always despised for their politics) for the opportunity to rescue his men. They stood in their Korean War era Class A uniforms the picture of detached arrogance. As they were about to order him to forget the notion, I took out my pistol and shot both of them. I exchanged my CZ-52 for Hawkeye's Beretta 92, just as Dwight David Eisenhower walked in, (not Tom Selleck, actual Ike.) "They were about to shoot the Captain and myself Sir!" I fibbed to the Supreme Allied Commander. "Really! Why does he have your sidearm?" I put on my total innocent look. "He took it from me a week ago! Sir!" The General took the pistol from the holster, handed it to me. "You better take it back. You'll need a weapon you're comfortable with. You'll be going with the Captain to retrieve his men." He handed me my gun and both Hawkeye, and Trapper's gunbelts. "You'll need these more than they ever did." Captain Loren asked "What of them?" "After you leave, they will have been discovered in a wrecked HumVee. Major, you might want to lose that barrel, before you return to base." I made a note to switch it out before I left.

As I walked out the door, following Captain Loren, I woke up.

The dream, unreal as it was, left such an impression on me, I seriously considered changing out the barrel on my CZ-52. If Alan Alda had carked during the night, I'd have done it on the spot.

And used the old one as a welding rod!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth!

Marko on his site was musing on non-folding knives, only person I ever met who carried a sheath knife, was a guy I'd have a problem with him being armed with dry grass.

As Tam said, "How much do you want to spend?". In my case, that's "How much do you want to lose?". I finally set a limit of $25 plus tax. I carry a Gerber Evo. Some bastard walked up to my front porch, and grabbed the USPS package containing my Cold Steel Kukri. From Ebay. So I guess I'll make that figure $30. I'm keeping a sharp eye out for someone carrying my hand powered brush hog.

Yeah, the reason I bought a Kukri was I wanted a machete that would last me the rest of my life. Of course at the rate I lose knives, I should have known better!

I just checked the new design of Marko's Cold Steel Mini Tac on ebay. The new design sux rox! I would like to find who coined the term ‘ergonomic’ and see if his rear end is ergonomically adapted to my size 13 converse shod foot!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home Again, 1 week After!

After all the aches and pains last week, I'm not so keen on traveling down south again. I've acquired a sweetheart, and I'm torn between a logical reluctance to build a relationship so soon after losing Denice, and wondering if I'd be losing a good thing if I decided to wait.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I hope

As I sit here in my sister's South Carolina Cottage, the clock on my computer reminding me that my family in Spokane isn't even awake yet. Disconnected from everyone and everything in my life. You form connections with people, connections that are broken, casually, or forcefully, but all will eventually break.

The Ultimate Oxymoron

not Military Intelligence

not (insert stupid corporation here) Cares!

the ultimate oxymoron is.
Necessary Evil!

Let's all band together and see if we can do without the 'Necessary Evils" in our lives.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

small victories

Well Yesterday I prowled the Goodwill Industries store. For the princely sum of one half dollar, I replaced my dead power supply. It was meant for the HP Printer and is almost half the size of my netbook. It's a neat green LED for the computer end. (In case you misplace your little flashlight.

Now what will I do with that ebay special winging it's way to me?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Brigid come home!

Like the comely Brigid, I am on the road, South Carolina to be exact. Unlike her I am not inspired to poetry, only a little sulfurous name calling upon the corporation in China that manufactured a cheap and suicidal replacement charger/power supply for the Acer Netbook. It went pop earlier tonight, I got a replacement winging my way from a guy in Indiana. I just read my favorite blogs, read the comics, watched a little porn. I have a similar story from the dawn of computers that I'll share when I'm plugged in to a wall outlet again.

I know that if I vanished tomorrow, it would be ages before my absence were felt or even noted. but could those of you who do note my existence out here in Blogland, say a little prayer for my safety and comfort!

Here is scenic South Carolina, I met the delightful lady that my sister Susan is trying to fix me up with, her name is Beth, and it isn't going to happen. Beth is a darling girl, but I'm still hurting over Denice. Helping my wounds to heal is too extreme a task to lay on her shoulders.

It's 6:30am South Carolina time, 3:30 in Spokane, Washington.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I don't often agree with Whoopi Goldberg

but she hit the nail right on the blockhead this time...

If some religious clowns upset my loved ones funeral to push their agenda, I'd ask the honor guard to direct the 21 gun salute into the 'Protestors'.

But that's just me!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

this is the young man!

I love this guy, he's crazy like me.

Drive by Shooting

Not Recently thank goodness!

No this was back in the fuzzy dawn of prehistory.
Probably about the time Tam's Bikini Pic was taken.

My parents were watching either the second or third episode of
Homicide, Life on the Streets.
I was already bored to tears, and was contemplating running out,
and downing a beer or six. I was staring out the window at a world
dark, indistinct, but way more interesting than a box on the wall
depicting 31 flavors of personal angst.

When what to my terminally bored gaze should appear.
But a love lorn Bubba, whacked from too much beer.
Beside the waitress' truck next door, he stopped with a clang. (not really)
And fired a pistol, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. (yes! Really!)

I'll print this out and try to give the whole story the Clement Moore treatment.

but for now, I sprang out the door -unarmed- with a herking big flashlight! I've been told I have guts where brains should be. The perpetrator drove his station wagon down the street and fired a couple shots into the air as he turned the corner. After a few minutes a bunch of neighbors came out including the waitress who staying at our neighbors' house. She was so upset that someone would discharge a pistol into her truck that she immediately relapsed into her former two pack a day habit. It took almost three hours for the police to show up. In Spokane, when seconds count, the police are three hours away. To add insult to injury, we had found the discharged cases, carefully used a stick to pick them up and deposit them in a zip lock bag so they wouldn't be run over by traffic. The officer accepted them, poured them into his pocket, and stood playing pocket pool with them, obliterating any chance of fingerprint evidence, whilst he listened to our statements, making no efforts to note times, descriptions of the car, or even the direction the assailant departed.

This was the first time I gave serious thought to obtaining my Concealed Permit. Though it would be fifteen years later that I did, and a year beyond that that I started carrying.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

At the risk of becoming tiresome - too late?

For, -oh about 48 hours after I got it- I have wanted Kel Tec to manufacture their Sub 2000 folding rifle in 7.62X25 tokarev pistol caliber.

I even have offered them their first thousand customers. Their first ten thousand beyond that, they would have to break down and add that option to their web advertising.

They have shown no interest in this.
Fuck 'em, I'll build my own.
the barrel is easy enough, I just have to borrow back my EDM machine and have a go at making a tokarev sized barrel out of a .30 caliber blank, or a kenmore washer shaft.

The pistol grips are another matter. I first contemplated casting them in aluminium. The thought of rebuilding the foundry just for a few -dozen- smegging grip assemblies was more than I could bear.

Can you say pink glock?

Monday, September 27, 2010

If stupidity were a tactical advantage.

She keeps saying she wants to have a reasoned discourse.
But her reason for living is to disarm all of us and have our
dead bodies, along with the corpse of American Freedom
piled upon the grave of her murdered sister.

My friend Lawdog pretty much made a perfect analogy. Not just for the Second Amendment. For the entire Constitution. For America's Soul.

These people are the enemy. As much or more so than the religious monsters from the middle east. They employ the same principles. Lies, vilifications, and claiming the mantle of victimhood for themselves. Every one who falls victim of a firearm death is their sacred martyr.

They willfully refuse to believe that the person, rather than the means, did the murder.

This dim bint insists that guns have killed more people than any other thing in the world.
One BRAND of car has killed more people than all the guns that fought in both sides of everything since WWII.

But she wants what she wants, and she's not going to let the truth stand in her way!

She better hope I get killed in the war she will start. If I win, I will require all Americans to train on guns, and require military service or the equivalent, prior to enfranchised citizenship.

lan astaslem honey!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Movies for men who like movies!

I and a neighbor were watching "The Green Berets" on his home Theater Screen. We are at the part where the good guys are being attacked by their own forces. George Takei nonchalantly picks up a couple of detanators, and blows up the foxholes containing VC. We use the next commercial to grab drinks and snacks.

Neighbor: What moron would deliberately go into a foxhole with a claymore?

Me: I don't think the characters knew the foxhole was booby trapped.

Neighbor: I mean the actors, who puts their face in front of an explosive device.

Me: You, and I every time we get in a car! They're called Airbags!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

To those who wish to ban guns!

You know that laws only affect the law abiding.

And most of you are the smug type that state loudly,
"It aint illegal if you don't get caught!"

For some reason you don't want anyone you don't agree with to have a gun.

I have been asking myself for forty years now.....

What exactly are you planning to do to me, (us) that you want us disarmed and defenseless?
You're planning to do something so unspeakably evil, and you want us in no condition to defend or retaliate.....

Ode to a Winchester

on the Left most side of my gun cabinet sitting quietly behind more recent acquisitions is a Winchester model 94 in .30-30. Shortly after purchasing it, I replaced the stock and fore end with zytel plastic. I had an identical model before my house burned down in 1989. Between these two rifles, I have fed myself through what Brigid would call 'The year of the ramen noodle". Unlike the other years in the Chinese Zodiac, the year of the ramen noodle pops up variably every 2 to 22 years. If I could put a strong lock box in my pickup cab, I'd carry it constantly. In Lever Actions I have a .357 that belonged to a man who was as influential in setting my life on the decent path as my parents. I also have a Marlin 1895 in .45-70 that has impressed some large bears. This rifle in .30-30, 30 caliber, 30 grains black powder, is for some reason the rifle I chose for day to day use. If I'm out in the woods, going after anything bigger than hare, it is on my shoulder by the improvised sling I made for it 20 years ago.

I and my rifle in the woods, there is no finer thing.

Monday, September 20, 2010

blog notes from the edge of sanity!

for a couple of months now, I have been using my old phone as an alarm device. I could have used one of the couple hundred MP3 selections, But I find that music just insinuates into my dream, and I don't wake up.

When selecting the alarm function, and setting the time, I noted that the 'beep' seemed to come from somewhere else in the room. I dismissed this as a hearing anomaly, though my actual carry phone didn't do this.

Today sitting on the side of my bed, I went through the menus for the alarm function. The beep was right in front of me. A Plantronics ear piece that I had set so I could listen to the mp3s without disturbing the house. Dad might prefer Judas Priest or Armored Saint to Dope or Cee Lo Green. Given the choice he'd rather not go for a couple hours enduring half their body of work.

The ear piece was beeping.

I'm not as nuts as I thought I was....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank God for Anne Rice!

And the fact she wrapped up her vampire series ten years back.

I was monitoring an art show. This consists of dispatching large boys with black shirts with the word SECURITY down the front right side.
The leader of these rent a cops, has a close resemblance to WWE Wrestler Randy Orton. I have seen this young lad chill out a domestic violence situation with aplomb and diplomacy that would do credit to an Irish Politician.

Plus the icy stare that would chill out the most determined aggressor.

The only time he trotted out that expression was when someone interrupted our conversation. It was trivial at best, we were discussing whether if Vampires were real, if the military would use their talents as weapons. It was a conversation that usually comes up after drinking is done at a SF Convention. We were riffing on a Lestat conversation where David was telling him to be careful, lest some scientific cabal capture him and subject him to various tests. Lestat thought that would be fun. We spitballed various scenarios. 10,000 Army Vampires depleting Mecca, para-dropping coffins in Afghanistan.

At this point some 40 year old member of Team Edward came over to sing his praises. My hero gave him the trade marked icy look, "Edward SUCKS". If he actually HAD been Randy Orton, I'm almost sure I'd have seen a textbook RKO. I couldn't resist, "Of course Edward Sucks, He's a vampire after all!" I gave the overaged child a glare. "You really shouldn't interrupt your betters when they're chatting about Anne Rice Literature." He started to say something, his mouth opened 3 or 4 times. He then stalked off. My conversation partner looked at me, "Are we in trouble?" "Nah, he's been a professional student for 25 years. He makes a fuss, the college looks at his records, and kicks him to the curb. He was a big Anne Rice fan 18 years ago. He was a commie, he was a hardcore Republican, whatever would get him laid." Dude looked over at the interrupter. "He needs to get out and meet women near his age." "These events, are the closest thing he has to a social life." "He accomplished his purpose" I nodded over to the Emo girl talking to him. "I hope you weren't thinking of asking her out. He's depicting you as the evilest bully. And I'm not getting flattered by him. He's manipulating her emo sensitivities for all he's worth." Dude grabbed a bottle of water off a tray, "More power to the little bastard!" he said, downing the 16 ounces at once. I gave him an interrogating eyebrow. "I was just like him in high-school. If it weren't for two PE classes a day, and 24 hour fitness, I might be just like him still." I let my friend keep the floor. "Sometimes I hate the fact that I had to concentrate on physical fitness to the exclusion of anything else. Sure, I can walk into any bouncer job downtown, and the girls are so damn shallow." "Well we were just tossing around vampire scenarios." He walked over to the nebbish and the emo girl, spoke to the guy for a few seconds, gently squeezed his shoulder, and sauntered back to the desk where we kept vigil over the overpriced examples of indifferent art instruction. "I apologized to him! made him some stature points with her."

Friday, September 17, 2010

the easiest sewing project

Take those legs you cut off to make a pair of cut-off jeans.

Turn them inside out.

Sew the cut-off end shut with a double -in my case triple- seam.

Turn it back right side out!

You now have a purse, a tool roll, a medium-small extremely durable bag. I have a few for 'Possibles Bags' I used when I was a 'Post Modern Mountain Man!'

Pics to follow when the head gets unstuffed.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

advice continued

A friend published advice to a bi/gay young man on his blog.

I just had an opportunity to defuse a not-so-domestic violence situation.

To the young man; You do NOT have the right to attack, and attempt murder upon the person of your former lover simply because SHE wasn't who and what you expected 'her' to be. On the bright side, you are now justified in using the "Crocodile Dundee Gender Test" on your next dozen dates. Gently!

To the young 'lady'; To swipe a phrase from Dr Phil, What the F**K were you thinking? To be playing with a guys amatory emotions like that. While I can't condone violent murder, Cos you turned out to be a GUY, I CAN understand the impulse. The fact that he was wanting some 'pussy' was totally apparent to you, and you knew that he would be angry when it turned out you didn't have one.

Myself, I would have sued you under the truth in advertising laws.
You both better be glad this didn't make the Mainstream news.

first cold

somebodies gonna die!

just as soon as I figure out who gave me this cold.
and as soon as I get healthy enough to do the murder in question.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ten years after!

Mon, 20 Jul 1998 12:11:23 -0500 (CDT)

This message was given to us by a programmer who recently quit a major
Y2K compliance project for the government. He wishes to remain
anonymous. - J.J.
Terms of Surrender
ATTENTION Federal Government (and others as well):
Well, well... After months of us being called names from "chicken
little" to "doomsday alarmists," William Jefferson Clinton has finally
addressed the Y2K problem and the potential damage that could occur on
or before New Year's Day, 2000. This means that you (the government)
have finally admitted your weakness - your Achilles heel. With that
in mind, we think now is the time for all of us to sit down and have
a little chat.
Computer experts have stated that virtually every programmer available
is in use today, and you still need 500,000 to 750,000 programmers to
repair the problems - just here in the US. Since many of these
computers use old languages (FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, etc.), you are
under the impression that the original programmers are long gone. It
is this false impression you have that enables us to offer you the
Terms of your Surrender to the American public. But remember, this
olive branch we offer - this agreement, will be pulled off the table
on December 31, 1998. It's your choice. First, a little background:
You figured that since those old mainframes that were built in the
50s, 60s, and 70s they were programmed by people who have long since
retired. At least that's what you said publicly. But the fact is,
many of those same mainframes were upgraded since then. Remember the
Reagan Revolution? Yes, all the young corporate raiders - the ones
that re-tooled the military, and helped build all those modern
skyscrapers. Didn't they also program (and re-program) many of those
machines for an ever expanding government? Where are they?
Admit it. Most of the folks who programmed those mainframes in the
past have not retired, died, or disappeared. Just use the math. Most
of those old mainframe programmers can't be more than 55 today. But
where are they? Who are they?
They are the people who served you breakfast in that greasy spoon
on your way to work this morning. The guy who shined your shoes. That
janitor you saw the other day. That old cab driver who took you to
the airport. The middle aged woman behind the ticket counter. The
guy pumping gas at that rural truck stop. The truck driver himself.
Maybe that right-wing talk show host. Some are in jail for crimes
without victims - crimes against you, the government. The people
you called names for daring to speak out against government
atrocities. The people that have been talking about this potential
problem for almost 20 years. The people who get on the internet and
write letters like this.
By now, a light bulb has probably gone off in your head. "Have we been
set up?", "Hoodwinked?" The answer is, no. You haven't. Yes, we remember
those old languages. Some of us even have the source books. You see,
you made us sit there and "vegetate" in front of that old key-punch
machine or keyboard, and then took all the credit for the new
innovations, while taxing us into involuntary servitude. So, we found
better things to do with our lives. We dropped out. Of course, we
realize now that the future of the world economy and government as we
know it is in peril. You're probably wondering why haven't we told
you this earlier and come to the rescue?
ANSWER: We don't want to.
If crashing the entire world economy is what it takes to bring down
agencies like the IRS, FBI, FEMA, and the EPA then so be it. We know
we can never really beat you by force. You think we don't know that
helping you solve your computer problem would only place heavier
yokes on us down the road? Didn't you consider that went you hired
those "geeks" to fix your problems? Nope. You were so desperate to
fix the problem, you never bother to ask the person, "Say, how do
you feel about big government, anyway? How do your parents feel
about it?" You figured throwing money (our money) at the problem
would be the cure. The only guarantee you have that your Y2K bug
is cured is "our word on it." Now, you're in a panic mode. You're
probably thinking, "Gee, what if one (or more) of those Y2K computer
repair people are really..."
Don't say it. We know what you're thinking. And besides, it's too
Don't even try and blame us for it. There's no conspiracy here.
Nobody "formed an agreement" to screw up your systems. In fact many
of us tried to tell you. But we were written off as alarmists. Smarty
pants. Making excuses for not doing our jobs. You pushed us. All you
wanted was results. Meet the deadline. Meet the deadline. Save
memory space. Worry about the other problems later. By then there
would be some other suckers to enslave. Sorry, but we're all slaved
You're hoping (and looking) for a "silver bullet." Well, there is a
silver bullet. In fact, we ARE the silver bullet. We know the systems.
We know the codes. And with a little time, we can fix the problem.
But in order to gain our assistance, you must first meet the
following terms:
- ---------------------------------------------------
We want the 16th amendment, and all laws passed thereto, repealed.
This means ALL of Title 26 of the US code. That will include all
those stupid tax and gun laws.
We want a constitutional amendment passed removing the phrases,
"regulate interstate commerce," and "promote the general welfare"
removed from the constitution. You've perverted their true meaning
for far too long.
Repeal the 17th amendment. We want our states to have the ability
to recall treasonous Senators whenever we see fit.
All agencies will be tested for its justifiable existence under the
9th and 10 amendments. It not, all employees of said agency must be
terminated from employment - without compensation. Don't worry,
they'll find other jobs. They can grow the food you've told farmers
not to grow. They can make the natural medicine that the FDA has
regulated out of existence. They can manufacture the products you've
farmed off to third world countries. There will be plenty of work
available. It's called a "free market."
Give up the land holdings. NOW. No more harassing farmers for
grazing rights. No more wetlands grabbing. Scrap all the
"biodiversity" regions. No more kicking people off "public" land.
If you need land for the military, fine. But that's about it.
Anything else goes private. Period.
We want you out of our paychecks, out of our churches, out of our
medicine cabinets, out of our homes, out of the U.N. and of course -
OFF the internet!
Every potential juror in every court must be told they have the
right to not only judge the facts, but the law itself - no matter
what the judge says. They will NOT be held in contempt for making a
All political prisoners (US citizens charged with crimes against
government -- IRS, drug, gun, etc.) are to receive amnesty. That's
about 75% of the federal inmate population.
All federal employees, agents, and officers who have committed
violent crimes against U.S. citizens, who have committed High
Treason, shall be tried according to the law - in state courts.
Or fix these problems yourself.
We know this is a tall order, and you probably won't agree to any of
it. In fact, you'll probably never admit that you even read this. But
we know you are monitoring our communications. So here's some little
secrets that will help motivate your decision.
Read the news stories about programmers who have quit and are moving
to the hills? And all those naval officers who are quitting? And all
of those pilots? And all of those doctors?
They are among the thousands (probably millions) joining us in our
rural retreats. We've got the bibles, the beans, the bandages, the
bullets -- and the brains. And you can't have them. I'm sure your
federal snitches have given you numerous reports of people who simply
won't file their tax returns next year. They're probably doing the
same thing. Why bother? You'll have no way of counting it, anyway.
Good luck trying to spend billions to fix the Y2K problem with only
millions (or thousands) to pay for it. Nobody told us to do it. We've
made up our own minds. We would rather starve than take your national
ID cards. We would rather die than take a mark on our forehead or
hands. The tobacco companies won't bail you out. The firearms
manufacturers won't bail you out. The Chinese won't bail you out.
And don't be surprised to see people closing out all those IRAs,
401k's and mutual fund accounts by the middle of next year. We'll
need the cash for those last few bits of survival gear. Next year,
you will be on your own.
Don't bother having CNN and the AP lie to us and say that you've
fixed the problem. We won't believe it. We know the programmers. We
are the programmers. We are the silver bullet. And we have absolutely
no desire to repair the problem no matter how many federal reserve
notes you print out. We will watch from afar - from a safe distance.
We will survive. We will say a prayer for you, and the poor slobs
who supported you, as they lose what little grip they have on
civilized life. You will reap what you have sewn. Economics chaos,
food shortages, disease, death and destruction will take over the
cities. You will be powerless to stop it. And we will not fire a
shot to make it happen. Some cities will indeed end in flames -
flames that will light a path to our posterity's freedom. Ugly
scenario, isn't it?
Surrender now. None of us will be entertained by watching you wither
up and die. What a sobering way to ring in the next millennium. But it
won't be our problem. It's is not our duty to help you. We'll have
the unfortunate duty of properly disposing of your rotting corpses.
Agree to our terms, and some of us - a few of us, may agree to help
you in return.
So, think about it. Also think about what happened recently in
Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, North Korea, and other countries
now undergoing economic and societal meltdown. Go ask them how well
their computers worked to help save them. Remember who sold them to
them (I'm sure they do). And take a look at history: No great nation
has ever fallen from a force of arms, but from an unwillingless of
its citizenry to support it.
If you would like more insight on this phenomenon, read Atlas
Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. It was written in the 40's. It has sold
more copies than anything but the Bible (including your little Red
Book) and it's still available in major book stores everywhere. For
those of you who can't read (i.e. recent public school graduates),
you can find it on audiocassette.
There will be no IMF around when it happens nor will there be any
taxpayers left to foot the bill. Think about these terms, and make
a decision. But remember, the clock is ticking (no pun intended).
We'll be watching C-SPAN, awaiting your decision,
John Q. Public - We are everywhere.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Despite an elderly tendency to call the nice young-uns "Dear" regardless of their gender...

Despite a big get along guy nature...
Despite a disinclination to hound the gay community for their ways which aren't my ways....

I call my self "Straight but not Narrow".

If books weren't burned... might have to live in a house built out of harlequin romances.

I knew a guy who paid his rent that way. Actually in the days of the PC XT computer, he made a program that would randomly tie together the elements common in most romance novels, and spew out 200 pages worth of the dreck. He'd read it through for continuity, then send it off for editing. After about a year he'd send in the weekly double-spaced manuscript, and they'd just cut him a check. You could say he now lives in a house that was partially built from Harlequin Romances. Pick a double dozen of the most ridiculous feminine pseudonyms. Chances are, a dozen of those belong to a computer program ultimately dubbed "The Literary Sybian".

It's kind of ironic that I knew two people who's lives were so intimately touched by the Harlequin Publishers.....

On book burning!

got a handy lot of opinions and a couple of them need to stand nearby and show their snaggle teeth.

I knew a guy who burned at least a book a day for over 30 years, true they were harlequin romances, and I myself thought they aroused more bodice-ripping passion as kindling than literature. He'd bring a truck load of firewood or farm goods into town, and take a truckload of throw away books home with him.

I did sort of enjoy the ham and eggs cooked on the stove fueled by a Fabio fronted literary frolic.

Disappointingly, used book stores are on their way out, and he manages half a truck full from thrift stores and the like now. though he'll take any paper from the SEIU. He regards burning their literature as genuinely holy work.

the stores know what he's doing, and the paperback distributors manage to fill his truck a couple times once a month. He'll let me read all I want, but I can't take a book home that is w/o front cover.

This guy actually could get paid to burn books, if he played the situation properly.

so don't be horrified mr. and mrs. internet, books are being burned all the time. the millions of James Blish numbered adaptations of Star Trek episodes that are out there, my guy has probably burned 100,000 or so of them that he knows of.

this here guy

Is in the dictionary next to the phrase "One stupid MO-FO!"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

need a break from politics!

Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen!

Okay, I'm back! I miss Ronald Reagan!

9-11 post

I guess I should tell you of my 9-11 story.

I fell in love with a girl/woman 10 years senior to me.
As Terry Jacks would sing, We had Joy, we had Fun, we had Seasons in the Sun.
She left Spokane, to pursue her career at the national level.

She wrote me a few times, to tell me that she had a big nasty office in the Trade Center Towers. I wrote her polite, correct letters, saying essentially what I had said when she left Spokane. I love her, but New York would destroy me. Sometimes Spokane is way too big for me. I would not stand in the way of her aspirations.

Then that day happened. I knew she would have been at work that day. I found a private spot and cried for a week. Then I made contact with the Red Cross, and they put me in touch with the organizations that tracked down the victims. I said I'd do anything regarding arrangements, but if she had emergency contacts in the city, I didn't want to edge them out.

Almost a full year elapsed. In August of 2002, I received a phone call, "John! This is Liz!" I dropped the phone. Getting a call from someone you think is dead will do that to you.

It turned out that seven months prior she had resigned her job, and moved out of the city and to the rural up-state to alleviate the stress. She had a job as caregiver, and caretaker on a small farm for an elderly couple. The kind of job I always enjoyed doing. For a month after that day, she was a basket case, and the only thing that had saved her was the daily chores.

She was writing a list of all the people she had lost in the tragedy. Co workers, elevator co habitants, a woman she had lunch with, security guards...

For some reason she had wrote my name in the unlined area on top of the paper. Her phone rang. It was the organization finding victims, and survivors. It had taken them the better part of ten months to find her. She called immediately.

I have a recurring fantasy. She and I went out to a farmer's back pasture shooting once. I have actually dreamed that she and I are there again. Only this is her place she owns now in Upper NY State. She and I are taking turns shooting pistols...

Into the dying body of Osama Bin Laden.
I'm sure that someone can tell me why this dream is wrong.
Really I don't care.

I guess I should call her and bring her up to date.
It's been almost six months.
I was an exasperated lover, fighting with my fiancé at that time.
I miss that guy, he didn't know how good he had it!
And I can't see the screen again.