Tuesday, May 24, 2011

feeling like Gulliver!

No I haven't yet seen the Jack Black movie.

I'd have to be starving for entertainment to do that!

It's just. That, lying here in my bed, just after midnight. Various thoughts running through my almost half century old head. Bunch of childhood memories triggered by the previous entry below, I realize I am just like Gulliver on the beach. Various small things each have a string on me. Combined they have me firmly tied down. Right now, I should be lying under a sky three states away, my woman, and my dog huddled with me. I forged this chain in life, and I'll need a 1000 horse wildcat engine, to rattle it in death.

my first -outside- playhouse

I remember we had some interesting coffee tables in our house. Dad was aiming for something on the sturdier side of a tv tray. By coincidence, a wool blanket thrown over one of these made for a perfect fort. Dad taught me early on that a flash light could be made by a bulb, 2 batteries, and a wire combined with a toilet paper tube. he did this to address concerns that Mother had about the fascination I had with house current.

Mom didn't want us cooped up inside all the time. Now most people don't dare let their kids run loose.

The neighbor girls and I decided that Dad's towing trailer was the ideal playhouse. Built from the carrying bed of an ancient plymouth pickup, there was room for 8 kids to sit on the sides and play games, and tell stories. From my 4th birthday until my 9th, the trailer served as a foundation for endless games, backyard campouts, and just plain fun with friends.

Is it any wonder I yearn for a sparse, mobile lifestyle?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bleg may 2011

does anyone have a Nagant M1895 7.62 pistol?

Tell me your experiences.

More More More! How d'ya like it? How d'ya like it?

I don't!

I own at last count, a dozen computers, 7 TV sets, a SHIT TON of various recorded media.
I think I'd be happier, if I got my books at the library, returned them when done! I have what a half dozen computers that are current. I think that the arcade game, and the video game, would be happier with someone who'd cherish them. One Laptop, and maybe one cell phone, methinks the cell phone benefits others more than I.

My X-Step program to true freedom.

1. Admit that I have a problem. And it is bigger than Me.

2. Establish the order of importance in getting stuff done.

3. Fix the Toyota Pickup!

4. Build a camper to fit the 3/4 ton Dodge pickup!
Secure enough to store tools!
This will become the first cabin!

5. find my land to build upon!

6. leave construction shack on site, and use truck to bring in necessary building materials.

Build second 8'X12' or 12'x12' cabin
-- to be continued --

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Obama thinks He's Reagan?

He might be!

We will never know if Ronald Reagan knew about 'Contragate'. Colonel Oliver North threw himself under the bus to spare us that knowledge. So we don't know if Reagan sold guns for drugs. It doesn't matter, he should have been impeached before congress when the matter came out. Personally I feel that if it had been carried out without his knowledge, that would be worse than if he were complicit.

That said what's your feeling on Obama and ATF project Gunrunner?

I have heard some saying that this might be the end for the ATF.
If it comes down to a federal agency, gainfully employing (debatably) 5000 people,
and the salvagable careers of three political hacks.
Holder, Emmanuel, Napolitano
Well, Hell, dude was destroying America to begin with!
What's one rogue federal agency more or less.
They should have disbanded during the Reagan Administration!

And if you MUST have FFLs, bring the cost down to reasonable!

back from the future!

My new Love, Elizabeth, and I, were moving stuff around in the bedroom. I keep common use computers available to the family, Dad is a complete techno-peasant. The Evil Roomie, and her daughters somewhat less so. My evil sysadmin computer tool is locked up. I don't let felons know what is possible on the intertubes. I don't let Spokane Police know what is possible with a networked computer. I just tell them watch the first episode of the new Galactica.

Well the girlfriend moved some boxes off my headboard, I rediscovered my old cassette collection. I thought I might end up having to un-gut an old boom box, or car stereo, in order to listen to them. Girlfriend found me a Clock Radio, that got the police band, and I hadn't gutted the cassette to make a card reader. Later she found, and cleaned, a micro boom box that Dad has once used.

This is awful! Once I had phone gadgets that recorded 12 hours use onto a 90 minute cassette. Now after a six hour search, I can find one recorder, and the only reason I have it, is that I can plug an MP3 recorder/player into it. I have a workbench project, over 4 years old, that is essentially a cassette case that houses a mp3 recorder/player. I had it 9/10ths built, when I realized I could just build a cable that connected a cassette adapter, to a computer's sound card. Now I am thinking of playing 400 odd cassettes into my netbook. I have some nice sweet amplifier, and sound equalizer components. Mostly tubes. I am confident that most of these cassettes exist nowhere else, as they are demos, and promos for local bands. Also a hundred or so are cassettes that never made it over to CD. I have downstairs, a High Fidelity Stereo Cassette Deck that I meant to do this migration with some 14 years ago. Dad actually greeted some of these cassettes with enthusiasm. Fourteen years previous, he profanely, pre-emptively, ordered me to never play some of those groups again. Kinda tough, as I was recording the live bands onto cassettes, later CD-ROMs.

It's kind of a treat to hear your 78 year old Dad sing the lyrics to "Cowboy, Biker Action" and "Reverse Cowgirl" without missing a beat. God knows, he must have heard them enough. He was totally astonished that 'Crave the Rave' never made it to the big time. Recording, mastering, duplicating. Running the pirate radio station out of the garage sometimes. I have a lovely Fostex 4 track of the sound of him busting out into the garage, cussing a blue streak, because the FCC was prowling the hood. The DJ promised to return after "Station Identification", twenty minutes later he was riding in a 68 lincoln, that could have guest starred on The Matrix. Driven by a snowy-haired black man, who used to run with 'The Panthers'. Local 40s Band, not the 60's agitators. Broadcasting from the sweet streets of Spokane. Offering fresh new sound that local stations "Didn't have the balls to broadcast!". After "Cat" left for his annual Vegas trip, we started taking tapes around. It was easier to talk the stations into showcasing local talent. Much easier than running a radio station ourselves.

Monday, May 16, 2011

hey Joan!

I got your Common Gun Sense right here!h/t www.jpfo.org

new widget

Answer me!

What are you planning to do to me and mine that you don't want me to have a gun available when you're doing it?


no matter how we vote, we get government.

We have to make it plain to our elected government,
this is not 'Business as usual!',
This isn't a changing of the guard.
With the new guard, having a mandate to malfease for the next 4 years.
We are going to hold the politicians responsible and accountable.
If our current educational system were imposed upon us by a foreign power,
it would be considered an act of war!
Ditto our current medical system.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Laughing Locksmith may never laugh again!

First I lose, my Brother and Mother, Then Chester, the smartest dog I ever knew. A year ago I lost the woman I would have made my wife!

Now Dad and I are discussing the funeral preparations for a 30 year old girl.
She is torn between two selfish desires.
She doesn't want to die before she becomes a Grandmother.
She doesn't want her 15 year old daughter to go down the same path she did.

Right now I feel sorry for God, 'cos I plan to fire the incompetent bastard!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I miss the past!

my previous post about movies led to a reminiscence about old TV shows.

There was a show in the 70's called Carter Country. A show about a Georgia Sheriff's Department. The lead characters were Kene Holliday, as the wise-cracking black deputy. Victor French played the Sheriff, who was pretty much an overgrown babysitter.

Less than 16 years later the holly wierd elite didn't have the balls to present Clinton Country. Perhaps too cheap and easy a shot!

Obama Nation, well the Australians brought out Lefty Loonz, but I need more. In this youtube era I demand more!

Stay Tuned to this Space!

for me most modern movies suck - some that don't.

the Matrix, I'd have endured the theatre for this. Part 2 and 3, not at all.

Star Trek, I DID endure the theatre for this, Denice wanted a movie experience. I think JJ Abrams should be punished for his hubris, by having to knock off about 3 or 4 seasons of episodes.

Boondock Saints 2, Seen at the local fringe theatre. Loved it! Hope Troy Duffy gets in 4 more sequels before his underwear models get too old.

Atlas Shrugged. Aint gonna plunk my 400 pound ass into the bitey pants chairs and risk losing prescription sunglasses, or a good pocketknife over this turkey. If someone wanted to bring the story into the present day, and tell it like it should have been told to begin with. With all due respect -See Boondock Saints 2 - Ayn Rand had great story ideas, but no sense of how to entertain her audience.

I'll wait for the box set! Perhaps with a good nude scene.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Holly! You miserable Cosmetologist!

My favorite muse, over at Pervocracy, is staging activism over the negative use of the word "Slut'. I think you should just substitute any other word for the word slut.

What did you expect to happen? Running around dressed like a Policeman!

You think you're going out dressed like an Electrician.

I didn't raise you to run around dressed like a Fireman!

Just don't call me a Politician!
That's hate speech!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

All you Mothers!

This is to my Mother, who is no longer with us.

...To Elizabeth's Mother, again departed.
...To Denice, also a mother, also passed.

We Love you.
We Honor you.
most of all....
...We Miss You!

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

To Do List

Some projects are connected with me moving into much smaller digs.

Some are things I've been meaning to do for ages.
This one is a little of both.
I've been meaning to round up all my BetaMax, VHS, and 8mm Video tape,
And transfer it all onto DVD media.
A half dozen 100 packs of DVD tupperware,
takes up less space than eight, six-foot tall 'bookshelves' of VHS media.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is it just me....

Or does the Hi-Point .45 look a lot like "Wynonna" from Farscape?
My Hi-Point .45, and 9mm, pistols shall be henceforth be known as 'Wynonna' and 'Ashley'.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary

A year ago yesterday, I was an incipient Husband, and a de-facto Father.
A year ago today I became a widower,
A week after that, her relatives demanded the Child Protective Services deprive me of my son.
I still keenly miss Denice. In retrospect, I think I, and she, would have troubles with my inlaws.

Sometime today, I'll leave flowers on her grave.

UPDATE: Left a small artificial spray of yellow roses, -her favorite- at the gravesite.

Denice Elaine Potter
Born September 7th 1971 - Passed May 3rd 2010
Don't be fooled by the Red Haired girl that I'm seen with.
I didn't replace you.
You will always have an irreplaceable place in my heart!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Doctor Who Season Five

Commie Cast on demand is deigning to provide the fifth season of Doctor Who from BBC America.

Best lines in Doctor Who EVAH!

"I'm the Doctor! In a word RUN!"

"Elizabeth the Tenth! I'm the Bloody Queen Mate! Basically I Rule!"

more lines to follow 15 episodes on tap!

This Is Elizabeth the Tenth! "God Save The Queen!"
With all due respect to Tam. I'd bow before HER Majesty!