Monday, February 28, 2011

.505 Gibbs Ammo.

Well I thought about the almighty .505 Gibbs. As .505 Gibbs owner Kevin 'Doctari' Robertson once stated "I've owned a .505 Gibbs for two decades, and every time it's been fired, the Scotsman in me said There goes a bottle of good single malt scotch!". I am already looking into reloading. I understand the folding of the Kynoch ammunition company in the 80's, forced a bunch of African .505 Gibbs owners into reloading.

On special sale, I can get ammo for about $9 a round. By an insane coincidence, I got 50 cases, from a sporting goods store. They were special ordered by a customer who never returned. I said something about that caliber in earshot of the owner. He came out with the bag of brass, put them in in hands, and said "Happy Birthday"!

Easily $200 worth of brass at the prices he could have sold it for.....
He just got an exemption to the dinner and movie policy I usually have!

I want to reload fired brass, with wheelweight metal for range and practice....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

quoteable quotes

As D'Souza concludes: "America is a new kind of society that produces a new kind of human being. That human being - confidant, self-reliant, tolerant, generous, future oriented - is a vast improvement over the wretched, servile, fatalistic, and intolerant human being that traditional societies have always produced, and that Islamic societies produce now."

-look him up on Amazon

I got a serious man-crush on this guy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Tech Tip

I have been slowly, reluctantly, and with some grumpiness, embracing the CR2 and CR123 batteries as viable power sources.

Apparently these are what makes the Streamlight the 'Tactical' Flashlight".

Well I have some test strip containers from an old Glucolab Glucose Test Meter.
These carry a 123 battery nicely, to have a replacement handy.
I decided to bring a friend into the 21st century.
I have a test strip case with holes drilled axially, (In the bottom, and in the top), when I feed wires into this, and springs from an old ball point retractable pen, It makes a splendid case for this battery.

I put a cheap clamp on one side, and a ring on the other. The wristband mounted case connects to one side of a tattoo machine, and the ring makes contact with the barrel tip, eliminating the need for a foot pedal.

He loves it! now he wants to use it with a lighter machine, plastic, rotary, and I guess I'll have to route the wires to a membrane switch on the barrel of this new machine....

I should charge more.

Atlas Snarked!

I remember when I first read Atlas Shrugged, back in the Clinton error. Satanically Possessed assholes trying to take my guns, and force me into labor camps, where I'd be forced to work in order to provide, luxuries for a leisure class that my descendants would regard as a food source.

No wait!
That was HG Wells, Time Machine.

HG Wells said it earlier and better.
Sorry Ms. Rand! I hope you were the sexual psycho goddess that legend says you were.
I only invoke your name nowadays to see which class of idiot I'm dealing with.
The left wing slobbering do-nothing, who actually sees you as Satan despite their -and your- atheism.
The right wing slobbering do-nothing, who sees you as the savior of the upper working class.

Frankly darling, I wish I could have known you for about a month.
Even if you were the precursor of Jenna Jameson, I'd have tired of your politics in about that time. Sadly I agree with everything you say. But if I wanted my wrist broken by a book, I'll grab Tom Clancy. He gives a better read!

In other news, my new love thinks I'm a racist!
Thank you for that Barack Obama!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

my cooking jones

I have a serious grouch. I cook dinner and any TV snacks.

There is an unwritten agreement that if I do the dinners, everyone else is responsible for breakfast and lunch.
I just tossed Brigid's Sweet Potato Bread recipe into my bread machine.
My friend used to give himself master race class airs, disdaining the bread machine. He only would have home made bread once a week though. I can have fresh home made bread daily, plus cakes and snack pastries...

Is it any wonder I'm on the high side of 300 pounds?

Now all I require from the roomies, is breakfast and lunch.

If I gotta do it all myself, I can't see keeping them around.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why the Left annoys me so much!

I made the mistake of commenting over on Joan Peterson's anti-gun blog.

She finds my politics offensive. Silly woman doesn't know fertilizer 'bout my political stance except in one single issue. I even tried to help her understand that every time the anti gunners win a skirmish, (ie, the Assault Weapons Ban) they get their heads handed to them the next election. Sarah Brady has done more for NRA membership, than Wayne LaPierre ever could dream of doing.

Some of my politics are.

I do the Susan G Komen 3-Day Race for the cure! I joke about this being 'cos I'm a guy and into tits in a big way, but frankly this is necessary that we conquer this scourge that is taking so many wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and the occasional transsexual! (Joan is more in danger from breast cancer, than gun violence.)

Habitat for Humanity, Jimmy Carter has done more for H4H than he ever accomplished as President. You can't blame him for his presidency, between his family trying to out cute each other as they grabbed the spotlight, and an obstructive congress, he's lucky to have accomplished anything at all. I have had the privilege of being on 7 builds. Strange thing is, I've run into the same homeless family on 3 of those builds.

I have supported unions in the past, only to find that I made an excellent traction mat for the SEIU bus. Unions are Communism and Organized Crime pretending to be Organized Labor.

My politics are the same as any bleeding heart liberal, but if I help someone out, they better stay helped out. The Education System is broken beyond repair. I once read a Californian say that he'd support, paying the current crop of teachers, and administrators...
...On the condition they never went near a child again. The remainder of the money, he'd buy some downtown space, and have the do-ers teach the kids.

I think the kids should get educated rather than indoctrinated.
I think adults should too.

Gun control people are the same types who used to orchestrate witch hunts in previous centuries. A preacher or politician, makes an improper advance on a spinster woman who isn't bothering anyone. she turns him down. He has her burned as a witch.

The politics of gun control, are not any different. Jealous of the confidence that a gun owner faces an uncertain world, they aim to strip them of that confidence.

When a cow turns sickly, or a person gets shot by a lunatic, the fanatic witch-hunters swing into action. They claim they bear us no personal malice. That claim is laughably false. They know criminals are defined as criminals by the fact they disregard laws. So any law making only affects the law-abiding.

Either we obey the laws they influence our elected officials to pass under a geis of fear and misdirection...

Or we become criminals, and they suddenly press to have the full weight of the law brought down on us. Something they never require done to real criminals.

The total fallacy of witch hunters, and gun control advocates is that if the crimes they accused their victims of were true, these people would never be victimized to begin with.

If the witch hunters' victims really were witches....

or if the gun control advocates claims against innocent gun owners were true.

The persecutors would be dead, and their quarry would be cleaning their gun, or magic wand!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Totally Essential Coffee Mug for today's gun nut!
I just don't wanna spend $18 +$10 s&h on the sucker!
I guess that means I'll spend $50 on bisque clay,
And the odd $200 on rebuilding my electric furnace as a kiln.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

rules for being an American!

In the light of Christina Aguilera butchering the National Anthem in front of a record Super Bowl crowd. I guess someone should come along and make up a set of mannerly codes of conduct for being an American.

There is an old joke about the difference between dogs and cats.

The Dog thinks...
You Feed me,
You put a roof over my head,
You love me with every word and gesture...
You must be GOD!

The Cat thinks...
You Feed me,
You put a roof over my head,
You love me with every word and gesture...
I must be GOD!

Too many people in this country think they are entitled to an endless free lunch.

American made rules and laws for the betterment of all.
Some I do not agree with.
The rule that all children be educated at the tax payers expense until their 18th birthday. This system has been hijacked by elitist pukes, who poison our children's minds against parents, country, honor, duty, decency.

America gives you a chance to grow to adulthood without being forced to labor for the affluent.

America gives you a free education, and sometimes it actually might be worth what the tax payers pay for it.

America gives you the chance to work your way out of poverty.

Don't you think you owe America a little loyalty, a little love?

Volunteer for the military, it strengthens you, it strengthens the country, and you are exposed to more opportunities.

Vote out corrupt America - Hating - Liberals. End the free lunch.

And If you think you have a right to hate America for all you perceive wrong in the world, think whether you would have the right to hate Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Russia, China, Korea, if you happened to live there.

But even if you can't do that much...
Learn to sing your National Anthem.
The song plays on old airwave TV stations during a ritual called Sign-off.
Google the lyrics, play the song on
Maybe you'll find us folks in flyover country aren't as bitter as you were told.

Next week we'll talk about the Pledge of Allegiance.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

opposite of pro-gress

a new york congresscritter is now in the unemployment line.

Apparently he stood in front of his bathroom mirror, without a shirt,
And snapped a shot with his cell phone.
That would have been OK, but he posted it to Craigslist.

That's why I don't run for office.
Somewhere out there is a pic of me in a green silk tea dress.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Brigid's cooking again!

And if she'll make me one all my own,

A break from my fight.

I decided to kick back, and build a few electronics projects. I have a few dozen magazines dating back to the late 30s. And some of the projects in the magazines just after WWII, if we had kept up the level of technological expectation, we'd be in the asteroid belt now. Possibly in pieces.

Also, most people compare sizes to a pack of cigarettes. and most of these articles state how you can "Build this project inside a cigar box". I guess Big Tobacco was working their evil cornspiricy for all they were worth.

My projects list includes...

General coverage Receiver. I'm using a tattoo shop power supply, and a Rockman guitar amplifier. All I really gotta do is wire up the pre-amplifier, and the tuning stage.

A Lawn Mower Magneto "Model T Spark Coil Box". The toughest part for me is the dovetailed wooden case. This guy I know, used to slobber on and on about Model T Spark coil boxes. I never seen a loose Spark Coil Box, and I'll bet serious money that he probably never did either.

But it's a handy gadget for prototyping one cylinder gas engines. After you get things the way you want, you can then build a light spark coil assembly out of a castoff Mit-sue-bitchy coil.

Just the thing for that 5 foot long R/C plane, or UAV gadget that you have been itching to build since StarGate.

The NRA is not enough!

...And they make too many deals with the devil.


Buy the life memberships, you plan on living 25 more years at least right?

The truth will out!

Joan Peterson over on her smelly blog has finally announced her intention to maraud the country side with her gun-grabbing posse.

Actually I recognize irony, even when it is incompetently delivered.

But she did hare off into the standard rant regarding .50bmg rifles.
"they're too big for any game, they're not a game rifle"
The game might become Bullets and Ballots.
Acutally Carlos Hathcock considered them pretty good for Viet Cong at ranges of over a mile.

While I can't imagine why I'd want to use a 21 pound rifle for water buffalo, or similar sized game, when there's a perfectly good 11 pound .505 Gibbs handy...

I deeply resent a know-nothing trying to make my choices for me.
sort of like a chain smoker trying to get me to pay for their health insurance.

Honey, I know it hurts your feelings, but you don't get to sort through my gun collection, and decide which I get to keep, and which I must surrender without just compensation.

Despite all your protests to the contrary, you really are determined to confiscate some of my collection, and come back at a later date for what you missed previously.

Frankly, you and your cronies are a bunch of thieves. Or you would be if you had some courage. Lacking that. You dance in the blood of shooting victims, and demand that the government do your stealing for you. Since you don't have the courage to try and take what is mine your own damn self.

Eat Shit Lead Spaghetti-O's and DIE.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Yamaha! or even Calgon! Take me Away!!!

JayG will probably disown me as a fellow biker forever!

In the early 70's as a small one.
This song, sung to the tune of Mark Lindsay's "Silver Bird",
Made me into a biker!

Get aboard the Silver Bird,
It's a magical machine.
Satisfy your Walter Mitty mind,
tryin' out a dream.
Your sign is Capricorn and
every corner of your mind
says you'll remain my friend,
a friend for all my time.
Yamaha, won't you fly me away,
Yamaha, take me into the day,
Yamaha, come and give me a ride
and let us go see
what's on the other side.
Yamaha, won't you fly me away.
Yamaha, today is the day.
I seem to remember part of it as:
Yamaha, won't you fly me away
Today is the day, don't look the other way
Yamaha, today is the day!

I felt I needed to give you a break from the battle between those who would make two different kinds of world.....
I mean the Harley Davidson purists you can actually work with....

If Joan will read this and refute it conclusively...

I might be able to take her seriously!!!

As the master wrote,

The framers of the Constitution were under no pressure from the NRA when they wrote “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

this won't see daylight over on Joan's blog!

so I guess I'll publish it here! what you're saying is if someone breaks the law and you derive some benefit, like having your anti-gun position vindicated, that's all right. If someone isn't breaking the law, but you don't like them, change the law to criminalize their leading their quiet life?

I am not interested in taking anything from you. Conversely, you want to take what I spent my hard earned money for. You seem to feel I'm not entitled to enjoy my life quietly. Or noisily in a properly equipped building.

I am informed by experience. The experience of Laotians, at the hands of the Pathet Lao after they were disarmed.

The experience of the Cambodians at the hands of the Khmer Rouge after they were disarmed.

The experience of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis after they were disarmed.

Frankly Joan, I don't want to experience what happens after I'm disarmed by your cronies.

Just a personal preference.


You blazed up with raving hatred when your daughter's participation in rescues was described as 'Militia Style' activities.

You are the Militia, whether you accept the civic responsibility or not.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lest we Forget

The Arlington MA police department needs to make up it's mind.

And where the FUCK! Are the National Rifle Association, The Gun Owners of America, and the American Civil Liberties Union?

overheard in a tattoo shop!

Big Burly Tattoo Guy; Did we learn anything? (patting gagging guy on back)

Gagging Guy; Uh (gag) Don't drink water?
BBTG: No! Don't drink water that isn't yours!

I spotted a bottle of water spilled on the floor. Picking it up, I read a label, "After Care, Do not Drink!" I smell a slight smell, Sniffing the mouth of the bottle I smell WHITE VINEGAR!

ME (to BBTG): You Sonofabitch!

BBTG: Apparently regular water with a spoon of Kosher or Sea Salt didn't deter these guys.

(I had drifted in to get a bottle of ink for my new love's tattoos.)

Letter to a blog friend!

I'm having my problems with my new true love.
our tastes on food vary widely.
She's southern and insists I try foods that I discarded years ago for good reason.

She plays a 'race card' of saying that if I don't eat this food, she'll have to question my manhood.

Now answer me this, my lefty brother! How is disliking beans, cooked in a slow cooker w/a ham hock, poured over crushed cornbread, related to my ability to perform sexually.

Treat your plane like you treat your woman!
Get inside her 5 times a day and take her to heaven and back!
Lord Flasheart. Blackadder Goes Forth

I may have to trade her in for a California Hippie Liberal who will poison me for my political views. At least I'll be able to eat the food she'll poison for me!

Glad you are only having small relationship issues.