Thursday, April 28, 2011

Karmic Retribution

I just spent the morning snarling at someone I treasure as a friend.
I love him dearly, but deplore his political choices.
It's got to the point where we're both saying to each other.
"I can't believe you are so stupid as to believe in the -party-.
You're so intelligent otherwise."

I decided to spend the rest of the day studying Morse code, and improve my 'fist'.
I have over a dozen keys, close to two dozen if you count the cheesy radio shack electronic kit keys. I couldn't find any of them. After a couple of hours I throw up my hands, and go to the junk pile. After a third hour of messing around, I have a 1x4 with screws, springs, a brass drawer knob that when I press against the pressure of pen springs, I make a nice contact that sounds like a credible 'dit or dah' on my code oscillator.

I then go to get a permanent cord to attach to my newly made key.
I open the old breadbox that contains most of my 1/4 plug equipped cords.
You can see this punchline coming like a bulldozer.
There inside the cabinet, is a line of THREE keys, good middle of the road keys.
Staring at me.

If that doesn't call for a double Bushmills, I don't know what does!
To be honest about doing my gig, I'll tap out "Bushmills triple distilled" on my new oscillator set up.

Monday, April 25, 2011


The people who most believe that war is necessary, will never be involved in fighting it!

The Political Party who's supposed to stand for your rights, is historically the one that opposed you getting those rights at all.

Any time a politician says that you should trust them, or implies that you even can, that's when you should recall them, as quick as you can. Nancy Pelosi saying we had to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it. Some congresscritter should have wrote in a specification that the President Pro Tem of the US Senate would voluntarily relinquish her financial assets, and US citizenship upon passage of the bill.

Betcha that bitch never signed ANYTHING without reading it first.

Y'ever notice no matter who we vote for, we get a politician!

Liberals want civil discourse!

Has it occurred to you that since the beginning of Dubya's term in office, you've all been acting like a bunch of four year olds told to eat your vegetables.

Now you want civil discourse.
Two of you chanted 'Obama Obama Obama' into my face.
I suggested that mindless adoration might be better spent on the ghost of Elvis.
not on a Senator that voted 'present' on everything.
Besides they sounded like the Japanese villians on Starblazers.
Both of these people decided that I wasn't suitable for continued friendship.
I failed to prostrate myself before the awesome majesty of our first half black, half American, President.

Now when their arguments are seen for the specious crap that they are,
They want Civil Discourse.
The fact that they are still drawing breath, when they would so easily have me killed for disagreeing with them, for refusing to acknowledge Barak Hussein Obama as the Saviour of all right -well left actually- thinking people.

Since you couldn't be bothered to play nice when you thought you had the upper hand.

Shut the fuck up, and take the beating you got coming to you!
My 'civil discourse' is likely to knock your lying teeth down your lying throat!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Weren't we supposed to fill a wicker man with criminals, and set fire to it/them?

I knew they forgot the most important bit at "Burning Man"!

live well with less

I was going to say that all the things society believes you should have, are all shackles, or downright albatrosses. A spendy house compels you to spend time in a job you hate, making money to pay for a house that's more house than you need. I myself lived very well in corporate Seattle, out of a 1980 Toyota Dolphin, a 'house' I could park almost anywhere. My boss actually loved the fact that I was invariably on-site in the off hours. It was an artificial freedom though, I still had enormous amounts of stuff in my parent's house in Spokane. I expect the most free I ever was, was in late September of 1989 when I came home, and found that my house had burned down to the foundation due to a gas explosion. In hindsight I had been handed ultimate freedom. I could have taken my few possessions, climbed into my car, and went wherever I desired.

I instead opted to act like a victim of a great tragedy, gratefully accepted all donations of stuff. Now perched upon the precipice of my 50th year, I am surrounded by clutter. I'm laboring to de-clutter my life. One computer, all the others donated to good causes. My electronics pared down to what I can support.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm in trouble again

I got a call from a pal in the ATF.

It seems I've been implicated with the intent of murdering a relative of my girlfriend's.

She appears every 28 days or so, interferes maliciously, diabolically, in our relationship, and poisons Elizabeth's mind against me. She even incites her to violence against me.

I can't deny it, Life would be much easier if Elizabeth's Aunt Flow would just leave us alone.

A few hours later the -female- ATF office director called to apologize for letting the joke get out of hand.

For the guy who still don't get it, Aunt Flow visits almost every adult woman at semi regular monthly intervals. She makes her 'neices' very annoyed.
Aunt Flow is the euphemism for the menstrual cycle.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear to me!

I have become a man quite different than the man envisualized by my 20-something year old self. If you had told him, I'd enjoy a cigar and brandy, he'd have been mildly surprised.

If you would have told him I'd be politically active, he'd have been shocked.
If you told him, I am now the sort who calls people 'Dear' regardless of gender, he'd have gotten red in the face and screamed that No Way would he ever have become such a faggoty phony.
...and he'd have been quite proud of the disparate 'f-sounding words' he'd just merged.

It's easier to heal than to hurt nowadays.
It's easier to quietly remonstrate with politicians to do the right thing.
It's easier to be gentle than evil.

Of Course, If you mess with me in traffic, I'll have your ass!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ode to a fountain pen

I got a slew of tattoo inks from a friend who couldn't pay his debts any other way!

I also have a few fountain pens.
I have been meaning to pick up a jar of ink for same, but never managed to follow through.
Considering what I have accomplished in the past year, I am not going to let this lapse bring me down. I basically spent May and June of last year raving insane.

I am astonished that I didn't see the word calligraphy on the bottle a month ago!

I now have a full fountain pen.

I love it!

this guy is awesome!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Thought

Every highly social event I have been a leading part of, has gone down in flames.

Science Fiction Conventions!

Book Clubs.

Paintball Games. How can anyone mess up a paintball game?

If I am appointed to a position of authority over adults in a scouting group, it dies!


I'm running off to join the Democrats, and the Brady Bunch!

Because one should use their dark powers for good!

radio coils

this seems to be a stumbling block to most radio builders. Before I realized there were coils everywhere begging to be used, I used to use the copper wire for winding coils, and spend bucks on coil forms.

copper wire comes in ton lots, old 25 and 50 pair phone wire from office building clean ups.

If you want to be posh, coil forms are 3/4ths pvc pipe in 8 foot lengths for 99 cents. seeing that a regular coil goes for $5 apiece, and is roughly 2 and 1/2 inches tall, this is a screaming bargain.

Changeable coil forms can be worked up with 12 gauge wire for the pins, and making a molding jig to use a cast poly resin. Maybe pictures to follow, no promises.

I've used everything for coil forms, spent Sharpies, spent Bic Lighters -they present an interesting challenge to wind mathematically- AAA, AA, and C Batteries, Pill bottles...

Right not I'm using some dramamine bottles to make interchangeable coils for a nice radio made from 9-pin mini tubes. I fix 16 gauge pins at 12-3-6-9 o'clock to the form and plug them into a home made 4 pin socket. I am totally retro.

I started with Transistors. moved to ICs. Integrated Circuits are Great. Electronic LEGO's. The thrill and challenge faded and I moved back to transistors, then vacuum tubes. Tube biasing is an interesting and challenging endeavor. I guess for sheer thrills adjusting an inductor/capacator tank circuit without the math, is the top thing.

(You are in a maze of twisty little coils that look all alike!)

Next week on "Why Electronics Technicians Drink!"

all I want to say about Atlas Shrugged

Saturday, April 16, 2011

feeling a little tube-ular!

I went and grabbed a wire harness from an old Kenmore Washer!

The standard wire I use for ICs and and Transistors just wont do.
I have a spiral coil out of an artist's notebook.
It's not an oatmeal box, but I can get some great results.
If I feel like living dangerously, with the FCC, I could transmit with this coil.
I'm waiting for a novice license. Also I could use an Elmer!
I'm prepared to proceed without one but society at large would safer if I didn't.
(Would a Ham Radio Mentor, who's also an apolitical Hunter, be an Elmer Fudd?)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dragon Leatherworks

In honor of Today being "Buy a Gun Day!"
I had a fit of "Me-Too-Ism", from all the Dragon Leatherworks blog entries 3 months back.

Being me, I had one made for the Smith and Wesson 457 .45 ACP.
It gave Dennis Badurina a bit of a pause, as he had to research exactly what the 457, 1076 family of pistols evolved from. The 4006 yielded him a 'blue gun' that he could use to mold the leather for fit. He says it's essentially a Glock styling. In rough strokes yes, in the real world I've almost had to use a hydraulic mini jaws to get my gun back from a Safariland Police Holster made for a Glock.

I am feeling gnarly from the current rain, or I'd be hanging from the trapeze, trying to test retention. I hope the angle is okay. The last person who tried to test retention against a snatch from a holster I was wearing, wont play with me any more. I did react a little roughly. Sort of like Randy Orton. Gotta love a guy that got thrown outa the Marines for fighting. That's like being thrown out of a porn for... Well y'know.

Here's the Fat Bastard in all my sartorial glory, with my new holster. That's a T-Shirt Hell T-Shirt by the way. Note to self: Wear gloves for the next workout.
Here's a close-up, Anyone know of a S&W 1076 for sale?
I don't know if I'm a Recoil Whore, or a Pain Slut!
Who's for Starbuck's! I'm buying!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Off the High Road!

A friend asked me to register and post on The High Road. She wanted to know what I wanted in the firearms world. Aside from the CZ 550 rifle in .505 Gibbs caliber, I have no desires.

Maybe what you already have is sexier than what you're supposed to want.

Maybe I'll just take her out and plink tin cans.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I really miss.

Heathkit. This one hurts with a sharp pang. In the 60's, 70's, 80's, there was a company out there, with a very slick catalog, that could address anyones creative urges.

I know they were around since the 50's as far as the electronics go.
Wikipedia informs me that they have been around since 1912.
But they were pretty much a staple in my life.
I had dreams of building every single project in their catalog.
Building my own electronics, learning what the projects were that I didn't understand.
I ordered a tachometer, and a transistorized grid dip meter.
I had no understanding of what they were, or how they worked.
At 12 years old, I had little understanding of 95% of the projects functions.
I reasoned that building the kits would enhance my understanding of electronics.
Anyone else than HeathKit and I'd usually get a board, components, and instructions on how to put them together. Alignment and adjustment instructions were usually a bonus.
Heathkit invariably explained why and how it worked.
I got a 1982 ARRL book on becoming a Ham Radio Experimenter. The pictures of the HeathKit items were nostalgic and heartbreaking.

There was once something bright, shiny, and wonderful, out there...
And the modern world that we find ourselves in,
Just allowed it to slip away from us.

Update: Drew Allen Kaplan of DAK Industries fame, is still kicking! YAY!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Matt Tabbi of the Rolling Stone.

Posted on Joe Huffman's excellent Blog March 10th.

The Rolling Stone sure brings back memories.
I was forced into accepting a 3 year package subscription on order to have access to more relevant magazines.

After they cancelled advertising from T-Shirt Hell, I wrote them a hot under the collar letter and told them to cancel my subscription, and send me some REAL toilet paper.

Mr Tabbi, who fancies himself the literary successor to Hunter S Thompson,
(what drugs are YOU on Matt?)
Has posited that anti-gun people should send in their name to the ATF and get on their list.

I agree!
It worked out so well for Randy Weaver, and David Koresh after all...

I stand by my choice of Charmin over The Rolling Stone.