Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Post Modern Jerimiah Johnson

Isn't that just the hairy beast?
only five layers there. T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, flannel shirt, sweater, jacket. The jacket is there mainly for the pockets. Somewhere to keep gloves, cell phone, (pictured there), and a flashlight. I took Tam's advice, and practiced doing everything with gloves on. Despite a tendency to drop the magazine during changes, I can handle a pistol quite well in my post-modern mountain man outfit. I miss the old days when I was merely 2XL, and could find a couple layers of thermolactyl, or China Silk long undies. Then I could look and function like it was 60 degrees warmer.....

Friday, December 19, 2008

chest hurts

shoveled too much snow. resting up.

I'm so studly!

I have been schlumphing about the place since my neighbor went upon the security warpath with her wireless router. I could have probably hacked into it, but I kinda like living with my Dad here. as opposed to any of the local prisons. I got a thing from eBay, and I set it up today. Now I have lightning fast internet response, and I might just use a wireless usb adapter on my desktop. when it's fixed.

Snowed In!

This isn't supposed to happen in suburban Spokane.
17 inches in a 24 hour period, breaking the previous record of 13".
I should have slapped on snow tires, I know. I could have skived them off last year.
To add insult to injury. the lil' savages ran off with the snow shovels. They're around the house somewhere. I've explained to those kidis that messing around with the placement of snow shovels is like kinking an oxygen tube or IV line. It's a murder attempt. At this stage the kids can go elsewhere. They are little thieves and sociopaths, and I don't propose to raise anyone elses kids....
been there done that!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still in the basement!

It weren't the power supply though I have a shiny new one in place. It it the CPU fan. I tried running without, but it won't boot with that plug unoccupied. Really hard for me to convert to liquid cooling I guess. I had some copper squares, some tubing, and an aquarium pump all ready to do a weekend project. I did one of these for a friend, A Junkyard Overclocker. Brass plates with brass tubing, plastic tubing between the cooling plates, and a nasty chemical mix guarenteed to stay at 60 degrees F no matter how much heat enters it. I made the radiator, return tank and electric fuel pump resemble a 'Big Rig' Truck.....

I'll do the liquid cooling, just on another box......

until then I await the arrival of a fan from ebay!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm downstairs until I can fix a dead power supply on my front room computer. It's kind of distracting. I have not done any significant work on this computer for about 5 years. There's still a functional version of NETSCAPE on this box. I have a picture of my then Girlfriend on the display. My two upstairs computers, the front room box, and the laptop both have pics of my recently deceased Rottweiler. I'm pretty much revisiting the person I was back then. He was a happy, busy, soul. He hurts for this older version of himself that has been through a almost six year cycle of pain and loss. I still have things, people and relationships that are dear to me, therefore I still will face losses.

Some losses are unaviodable, but some things, like extending charity in the form of offering a place to sleep to a supposed friend, then having that friend try to walk off with my property, well that's just out of line.

Get back to where I once belonged!

That would be the basement. My neighbor stopped being so open and generous with her wi-fi. Then my living room computer died. Away from the prying eyes of disapproval, I can flourish like I did in the old days. Plus this beast hasn't had all the slowing upgrades of my upstairs computer.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't hate me ladies!

y'know I just gotta go over to H&S Precision's "Request Catalog" page, and send one out to all those gun grabbing democrats on my christmas card list.

Of course I could never leave bad enough alone,

I gave out dollar store cap pistols. And CAPS, Halloween before last.....
I love smelling burnt caps in a democrat's house...
It smells like victory!

Been out due to constipation and a cold!

So I missed H&S Precision stepping on their Johnson in a big way.
And I thought I was fulla shit last week........

go to Breda or Tam's blogs for the low down.

Myself, I just wanna send them a clip of Dr Phil saying his trademarked phrase...

"WHAT were you THINKING?"