Saturday, October 31, 2009

sport plane license

I was thinking of learning to fly.
Because of my health issues, I could only afford a sport plane license.
I was thinking of asking Brigid to train me.
Reasoning that the money should best go to a friend.
Then I realized, based upon my experiences teaching friends to drive.
That we probably wouldn't be friends anymore at the conclusion of my training.

Besides, she probably couldn't find the time....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Flying Car?????

The article mentioned by Matt G. Sparked a memory hidden in my twisted little mind. I applied to Rip Off Press for permission and Voila!

(click to embiggen. I think)
(click to embiggen. I think)

I was told this had to be said... "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers are © by Gilbert Shelton. Used by permission. Buy all the Freak Brothers comix online at ."

I was going to say it anyway. I was also going to say y'ain't got any business doing drugs, being a hippie, or a freak, unless you read these fine instructional comix.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


After the '05 New Beetle, I swore off new cars for good.
I mean I'm paying a car payment to VW and an equal one to Farmers Insurance.

Then I saw This!

I want one!

H/T to Matt G.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where's mine?

RaChester, our new puppy, is a holy terror! While we sleep, he hunts up things to destroy. I have him housebroken to the point where he'll do his business by the back door if I don't let him out. For that reason I don't wish to latch the door to his crate. So we bought him a muzzle for night time wear.

We put it on him, and Ruby came over, checked him out, then looked up at me as if to ask "Where's Mine?" I didn't realize I'd have to bring doggy S&M gear for the entire class.

When he's not wearing it, I keep it high up. I know he has it scheduled as the next thing to chew up once I turn my back.

Monday, October 26, 2009

notable bits

found over at Baby Troll Blog!

Okay. Here's how this works: If all you got's a hammer, pretty soon, every problem starts to look like a nail. Folla? 'N' if all you've got is government, pretty soon every solution starts to look like oppression.

You may not be able to impose democracy on a country, but you sure as hell can impose socialism. Stop it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I just had to!!!!

Best Ever!

(H/T to the Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler)

Hollywood Holocaust

I've noticed on the network TV shows, NCIS, and now White Collar, an increasing amount of not necessarily Anti-Semitic, but definitely Anti Israeli attitude. I guess Hollywood has gotten it's marching orders from the administration. Vilify and minimize Israel. I can see this from the perspective of the Democrats, godless and self-loving, they can't see anything from a holy perspective. The strategic one should be apparent. The Democrats have represented themselves as the party of the underdog, the minority. Until now.

Friday, October 23, 2009

F**k the Nanny State

"I don't wanna eat it. I don't like it. It tastes bad. I don't want it,"
the first lady said in her best nasal whine.

Then she added: "We don't want to hear the whining.
We want you to eat it. Just eat it."

- the First Scold Lady of the United States.

Michelle Obama has an inflated opinion of her relationship to those who have the God Given, Constitutionally Secured RIGHT to disagree with her elitist, she thinks her shit don't stink, ass.

You ain't my mommy!

I told Bill and Hillary, now I'm telling you and your Hubby.
You aren't going to shove anything down my throat, so don't try.

My name isn't MONICA!

(h/t to Breda)

Hot Blonde Monsters

I've been plagued by Maurice Sendak for the past three weeks.
It's not his fault, his book which is only 1 year younger that yours truly,
has finally been made into a movie. I was listening to him on NPR, -yes! I'm a slobbering psycho right-wing gun nut and I listen to NPR!- and he tells the audience about where he got his monsters. Relatives, and Sunday Dinner visitors. Monsters are a touchy -and touching- subject with me. Y'see I was a tall kid for my age. I usually got credit for 2-3 years more than I had. This led to a demonization by Mommys afraid for their delicate darlings. Said darlings damn near killed me several times in my childhood. I mean why not hit the big kid in the head with a rock as hard as possible. He isn't really one of us. His life doesn't matter. I honestly wonder if those little bastards had killed me, if they would feel guilt.... If they would feel at all...

It's hardly surprising that I became attracted to a trend of storytelling, that portrayed the monsters as the beautiful people, and the blonde beautiful people as the real monsters.

I got a sort of thrill in 1979, as the movie E.T. came out. This guy was a stereotypical B-movie monster. And the cute blonde kids weren't screaming, and mobilizing the national guard.

The opening of NCIS was good too, A salvation by a shaggy monster, Gibbs in his Ghilly suit.

I really shouldn't post while feverish. Maybe when I'm better, I can make my point.

Monday, October 12, 2009

hot or not

come on guys every one vote me a 10 so I can get a better hotness rating......

Hot or Not: iPhone Dating - Meet singles, rate singles

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The snorting safecracker!

I just spent 2 hours trying to open a safe I have the combination to.
the opening handle went "up" instead of "down".

And I'm supposed to be a professional!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I want one!

Barack Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Essentially for NOT being George W Bush.

I want one too!

I've done as much or more to enhance the cause of world peace.

Okay I have NOT kissed as much American-Hating ass as he has!
And anybody who thinks I owe them an apology, -just because I'm an American- usually gets it roundhouse from their left, my right.

Okay maybe he's earned his prize.
I think he deserves a Sonny Bono award.....
Give Bono from U2 one as well.
What is it about us Irish, that we irritate folks when we agitate.
At least in U2's case they don't vote with an Armalite.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Home made Monolithic Solids

Take Six blood sample "Test Tubes".
Coat them with PAM or WD-40.
Arrange them in single or double-file above a plaster of paris mold.
Fill mold with air-evacuated plaster from special home made container. (ask)
when mold is dry, cut at midline with a power jewelers saw.

After you have a six or twelve place mold constructed, cast a few dozen lead slugs to test proper function, then fire up the furnace for brass and aluminum, cast several dozen slugs in brass and aluminum, strap them in the lathe (unless you are fortunate enough to have cast them in your exact caliber), turn them down to your caliber.

I have a bunch in both 45-70 and .45 Long Colt calibers. being a laughing locksmith gives me a fair supply of brass, spent .22, and key machine shavings. I have some ambitions for .54 caliber blackpowder solids. Two dozen Bullets can comprise a whole day's shooting.

If anyone has any experience with Monolithic Solid Bullets with critters, please give me some feedback.....

Uh Mom? That man is crazy!

Why is Laughing Locksmith naked before a television switched off???

A. 200 channels, and nothing on.

I'm not all that hard to please on the television front. An episode of NCIS that I haven't seen 20 times this year floats my boat just fine. Failing that I'll switch to M*A*S*H, and watch that commie bastard Alan Alda portray a 50's character, from a 70's viewpoint. Happy Days would be nice, I overdosed on the schmaltzy aspect in my 20's. Then when Erin Moran was throwing around those charges, I really soured on the show. Currently I'm watching a show called Trauma. Lotsa cop paramedics. Gotta be L.A., nowhere else sports that many freeways. I guess from the blood and gore count, this is gonna put in a bid to be our gladiatorial games of 2009. I guess if I get to care about the characters, I'll be a regular viewer. San Francisco is the location, the bridge is in the background.....

They conned me into it with Homicide: Life on the street. Munch was too much like me dialed up to 11. Bayliss, was too angst-y. Meldrick I had some sympathy for. There's one thing worse than being an angsty, homosexual, wiccan. That's having to be the partner of an angsty, homosexual, wiccan. The man had his baggage, but it wasn't remarkable in the face of his co-workers, who would be charged extra baggage fees, if they walked on the plane nude.....