Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hi it's me! I'm back!

I got bored, was going to sprout beans and corn.  I did not want to spend large for a small mouthed mason jar with a screen lid.  I went to the local Hobby Lobby, bought a single wide mouthed jar, and a 10 pack of Plastic Canvases.  They came in different sizes.  The 3" was just too small for the wide-mouthed jar.  So I popped another dime for the 4.5" circles, went in about 4 squares and cut away.  Now I have a screened sprouter for 15 bean soup mix.  I am reliably informed all 15 items will sprout, I used to cull out the split peas and legumes to cut down on disappointment when I was helping grade school kids grow things!  One teacher used the culled items, and made a soup in a potpourri pot.