Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Whatever

Dad, the Evil Roomie, and I had kind of a sucky Christmas. I made sure Chester and Ruby, the dogs had a great one. Ruby, the 1/4 Dingo Cocker Spaniel, is on a bit of a diet, so she got home made lamb stew. No salt, and 3 half mile walks in a day. Chester, my web-savvy Rottweiler, got a helping of stew, and any table scraps, he could bum. Ruby knows she's being put on a diet so she's cranky with Chester, the neighbor dogs, and she's looking to take a big old 'Bah Humbug' chunk out of anyone she feels she can get away with it with. Chester gets the same walks she does, just separated as I don't see the humor in being leash tied every time I go out. I suspect Chester will get the no-salt diet soon. He already gets a 1 ounce drink of glucosamine chrondroitin twice daily.

All of my local friends heard about my Mom passing on the 13th, and I got enough booze to re-gift after I filled my liquor cabinet. If I do resume drinking, -my stomach has presidential veto powers- I'll have enough to do it in style. The single-malt scotch crowd is well represented, though I got half gallons of scotch, bourbon, american, canadian, gin, rum. representing most of the major brands...

Boy was that STUPID! - I was bored!

After successfully avoiding my 10th, 20th, and 25th High School reunions. Having stared at the banner for ten years, -you note I didn't hyperlink it- I finally clicked upon it and filled out a form. While my better sense screamed at me in the back of my mind, I checked out the folks who all signed up from the time I were in high school. Yup same social club of in-crowders and losers that pissed me off in my late teens. Anybody I want to meet again after all this time, is definitely too cool to sign up for this lame service. Or maybe they're dead. (At 45 that is a distinct possibility). I guess there's a reason I became a security grunt to begin with. Really it were all those Man From U.N.C.L.E. shows I watched as a diaper-ling. I don't remember who in the blog community turned me back on to that in the last few days. I know I surfed there from Tam's place.

Why I'd want to resume contact with people who could make me actively sympathize with the Columbine Murderers ah well, I'll just leave quietly before one of them sees me.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Goodbye Mother!

My Mom passed away yesterday morning about this time. I may not be the best of company in my grief. It wouldn't be so bad, but I lost my younger brother about this same date four years ago.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Support the good guys --- GUN BUY BACK!

I was thinking of organizing a gun buy-back. I watched one of these over in Seattle. Now as someone who has to keep buying the t shirt that says "I'm not your fucking social worker!", cos I and the charity cases keep forgetting that. I have seen my fair share of "DRIVES". This gun buy-back was the ultimate cluster you know what! I watched a 12 year old hand in a $2000.00 colt python for $25.00 at a mc donalds. while a zinc replica from collectors armory brought $75 in funny money good only at Four Seasons. Plus they used no security, and half the guns were stolen from the van they were putting them in. they were having a gun buy-back, and someone else had a gun steal-back.

I mean the bad guys have these functions all the time, at least if I threw one, the guns would find good homes....

When I go into Hibernation!

I'll be doing a lot of sleeping of course. But when I've used up my tired, I got a swell problem. I want to get the gps signal from my nokia trac fone over to my laptop.......

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Toy

picture to follow. the Nokia 770 is proving quite useful in my little life. It's what the Apple Newton showed promise of being. It's a stash of all my puppy pictures of Chester, my Rottweiler, and steadying influence. It's the place where I stash the copy of that novel I'm trying to write. It's not a phone, but I can put a spare copy of my phone book there. In a pinch I can make calls through the net with it. I can keep those dozen or so lovely pics of the sweet 28 year old girl who would later become Dr. Laura Schlessenger. She has the nicest abs, eight sweet squares. I can read my Gutenberg Project selections. I'd like to get a download of a Calvin Bible. I'm also keeping my mail list of correspondence, and Christmas cards there, and backed up on the laptop. I'm stopping at 50 cards this year, so everyone expecting a paper snail mail card better have been nice and naughty this year......

Lastly, I'm keeping my e-bay lists organized on it, And the laptop, so I can sell my junk and move sooner.