Tuesday, March 25, 2008

spring cleaning!

I just finished a session of spring cleaning known as "Mucking out the dog run". This involves removing all the dead leaves, poo, and anything else out there. (I broke the dogs of leaving toys outside. If it's out there during spring cleaning, It goes bye bye.) Then everything gets scrubbed with several kinds of disinfectant. Chester has had several outbreaks of 'hot spot'. (Mild Staph) and I'm going to find those micro buggers, and murder them, and their entire race. and outside the run I have to plant large, fragrant, aromatic, and smelly bushes. Every 2-3 years.... To cover the stink a trio of Rotty's, one Cocker-Dingette, and guest stars, can make. Actually the current bushes are good for another year or more, I just have to work out with my neighbor, a yard of space between her dog run and mine, so I can maintain the shrubs, without one set of doggies or another eating them, or pooping them to death... plus the citronella bushes kill fleas as a beneficial side effect.

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