Sunday, June 22, 2008

new post finally

Sorry I have been busy.  Didn't really want to use other peoples' computers for blogging.  About 2 weeks back, our dogs got out, and were gone all day.  So I, staunch upholder of personal freedoms that I am, bought Chester, my Rottweiler, an ankle bracelet.  Now with the RoamEO tracker, I can find them within a mile's radius.  This is only a stopgap.  I'll be building a GPS tracking system that is good to 30 miles.  then I can track dogs, cars, whatever takes it into it's mind to wander off just as I need it.....

I've been playing with the gadget all damn day.....

I've just entered the GPS numbers into Google Earth.  According to this, my dog is located 35 miles sou-south east of my house.  He's actually curled up at the door into the garage.

35 feet accuracy my ass.

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