Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm downstairs until I can fix a dead power supply on my front room computer. It's kind of distracting. I have not done any significant work on this computer for about 5 years. There's still a functional version of NETSCAPE on this box. I have a picture of my then Girlfriend on the display. My two upstairs computers, the front room box, and the laptop both have pics of my recently deceased Rottweiler. I'm pretty much revisiting the person I was back then. He was a happy, busy, soul. He hurts for this older version of himself that has been through a almost six year cycle of pain and loss. I still have things, people and relationships that are dear to me, therefore I still will face losses.

Some losses are unaviodable, but some things, like extending charity in the form of offering a place to sleep to a supposed friend, then having that friend try to walk off with my property, well that's just out of line.

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