Thursday, March 19, 2009

CVA Mutant teething troubles

I mentioned this rifle before.  I can shoot soft lead slugs the size of AA batteries.  I have a plaster casting mold for various bullets.  If I'm ever offered the chance to go after Big African Game, this will be the rifle I take and use.  Of course my narcoleptic hide isn't hitting the savannah, or veldt, any time soon.  

My main problem is that it uses the smallest diameter AA batteries for the mold.  I found an off-brand called "PKCELL", that makes lovely molds.  

It got me to thinking.  You ever get an aluminum flashlight that is just too small for duracell, or energizer batteries?  That's probably the reason.

I got a pound of black powder, a couple hundred slugs...  
I think I'll bag a spring bear.  And maybe a Mack truck.
joking guys!

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