Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do It NOW!

Urban legends abound!  When I first started carrying concealed, I selected either .22lr or .25acp.  All sorts of 'Experts' related tales of how neither round was effective.  Stories of how one guy survived being shot by same.

Finally I brought out the FBI Uniform Crime Report.   Any time one of these wankers started spewing their BS, I'd tell them how many fatalities occurred from each round in any given year. 

I probably spent more time and effort on that, than I spent actually turning in an assignment.  I could at one point tell you every caliber's mortality numbers, correlate it with sales of various calibers.  .32 had been in a decline since 1977, .38 dropped off in 1985 when most departments switched to 9mm, I could go on for hours. 

What I want to say is that....
Carrying anything is preferable to carrying nothing.
If you wait for the perfect carry gun to carry, you'll die!  Probably of old age!

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