Saturday, November 3, 2012

Prepper Properation

I'm getting an early start, and doing a progressive planting of 'the three sisters'.  Corn, Beans, and Squashes. 
I have Tomatoes and Peppers on other sides of the house.
I will probably see if I can drop in melons, and cucumbers...
The corn and bean seeds are harvested from feed corn, popcorn, and multi bean soup mixes.  The peppers are from the pepper packets given out by the pizza parlors.  I'm not big on peppers, but they are a good source of vitamin C, and they can be used in moderation to season almost everything.  Tomatoes are good everyday food.

First is the corn, I got it in a paper towel, hopefully in 10 days of so, It'll be ready for planting.  I have a grow light set in the basement ready for adding 3-4 hours on to each end of the day.  When I get to 14-18 inches tall, I'll add in beans, then in two weeks I'll add in squash, pumpkins, melons!

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