Saturday, January 26, 2008

say hello to my little friend

A couple of Mondays ago, I was drifting thru Goodwill with my Dad. Senior Discount Day, YAY! Tools speak to me, An Axe with a weathered handle was like a puppy at the Humane Society. I just Had to take that puppy home. A Random Act of Kindness. I ended up having to split some firewood for a friend who lost their electricity. My new friend and I, after a bonding experience of sharpening, made firewood and stove wood in nothing flat. Now after a bonding experience with an inanimate object, I feel I have to attach a name to the object. A friend left me his stainless .45, and after not having seen him for six months or more, I figured the gun was mine for the money he owed me. I won some awards with it, and had "Grapefruit .45" engraved on the slide to honor it for working, when a certain "as seen on tv" diet aid hadn't.

Of course then the bastard showed up and repaid me -with interest- and demanded his gun back.

When Business is slow at my friend's tattoo shop, I'll take my new friend down there. I'll have him engrave "Random Axe of Kindness" on either side of the blade.....

In other news, my Tracfone has successfully been renewed for another 3 months, hey I love the number.

No I didn't give it a name.

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