Friday, May 16, 2008

I've been Outed!!!!

yeah, I was taking my new bug in for it's 30,000 mile checkup. Front office is threatening me with revoking my warranty if I don't bring it in for the 35 and 40,000 mile services. Give a guy a few minutes will ya'? But then when I went to get it back, a little passive/aggressive gesture awaited me.

My Gods! They did NOT just out me as a Phone Phreak. I'm sure they'll say it was coincidence. But I heard the shop manager say..."Use this tag, the last one will go on her car......" I just thought that they were putting a cranky lady ahead of me, no biggie, If I'd known that they were going to out me.

Well, since I'm out of the wiring closet, just let me say... You ungrateful kids today are spoiled to the max, and you have no appreciation of all the hard work that us early outlaws put in to make your pampered asses able to have such an easy kick-back life. And now I got cam access, I'll show you all my toys from back in the day that gave you the easy life...... another post, my back is still on fire from that spoiled little girl running into my car...

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