Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big .22lr practice

I have a S&W 422 pistol, that I obtained as an accessory when I received firearms through a FFL agent. Problem is, magazines are $30 each. I'm toying with the purchase of a Ruger 22 pistol. The mags for most Rugers are $9.99 and the pistol is under $200, $170 during christmas at the big box sporting goods stores.

I probably have enough .22lr rifles to equip a strike team to take over a small nation. Aside from a Stoger Luger, made by the Stanley Tool Co, and the Jennings in a previous post, the Smif is all I got. A Ruger 22/45 style would be an excellent practice pistol. I have a few hundred .45 practice reloads from wheel weight metal. My carry ammo is either hollowpoint, or soft lead.
I'd love the copper frangible projectiles...

In other news someone broke the windshield of a hummer carrying McCain Palin stickers.
Vote against Hate and Evil.
Vote for McCain Palin.

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