Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I couldn't believe it!

Upon reading Matt G's Better and Better blog. I couldn't believe he hadn't been a user of Bianchi Speed Strips since Chester was a pup.
I myself have been an avid user since 1983, when I read an article by Massad Ayoob....

Of course in extenuation, revolvers hadn't been in common use in police departments for 20 years now. I have some dozens of speed loaders. About a half-dozen 5-shot speedloaders, and none of them fit my H&R Defender.38. I have 6 moon clips in 9mm that fit the reamed out chambers of the original cylinder.

Below L to R. Dad's liteweight Taurus .38, My Defender .38, and my S&W 65-4 .357 together with speedloaders, and Bianchi Speed Strips. The one above the Defender has the .38 S&W rounds in it. Somewhere in storage I have 1200 rounds of that caliber. Most of it from trimmed down .38 spl cases....

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