Sunday, February 28, 2010

Emergency Kits

I've heard everyone go on regarding an emergency kit. Blankets, water, spare socks, tool kit, flares and what not. Those bits I've internalized since before I learned to drive.

My idea of an emergency kit, is a spare glucose meter, my two types of insulin pen, and a sugar drink in case of low blood glucose reading.

Kit II
Five Diapers, wipes, 2 bibs, fresh onesie, thermometer, basic meds (me, gf & the kid).

2 VHS tapes, w/6 hours of movies 5 DVD movies, In case I have to save movie night. I love my friends but some of them have iffy tastes in movies.

I have other kits designed around situations, I have a rubbermaid box of 19 gallon capacity, that contains all that is needed to administrate a Science Fiction Convention.

Another box contains contingency equipment for anything that can go wrong when 2 dozen or so guys decide to drive their motorcycles 2000 miles on a moment's notice.

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