Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fresh Fish

A few years ago, I had a desire to have fish available whenever I wished. To this end I spent the previous year building up an impressive worm ranch. First I tried to harvest a hundred worms a night from the local parks. The most medium sized would go into styrofoam cups to be sold as fishing worms. The rest would be encouraged to breed. By Spring, I had a vigorous operation of anywhere between 10,000 to 50,000 worms. I had also discovered the commercial possibilities of earthworm castings. I had two tanks, one of 500 gallon, one of 300 gallon size. I also had 6, 55 gallon drums. At the end of my venture, despite my best efforts, the drums had a foot of solid matter in the bottom. The 500 gallon tank containing the trout didn't survive the summer heat. I made my money back by selling fish emulsion fertilizer. I did have a good harvest of catfish and tilapia. Between the drums, and the tank I harvested 635 pounds of fish, which translated to 9 ounces per pound of edible meat. Non edible items were, ground up, frozen, and later tilled into the soil. While I didn't get the trout in abundance I craved for my plate, I did get enough fish, to be disinclined to repeat the experiment any time soon.

But I know how to make corn grow like no bodies business...

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