Wednesday, April 28, 2010

post from comment!

I was over on Roberta X's blog, and had a pleasant memory of my recent past recalled.

to wit;

**** Quote ****
I so wanted a Royal Enfield Robin for my bio-diesel fiddling. I freely admit it to be aimless fiddling.
You can't save the world.

As for changing the world, like any baby, it prefers staying in dirty diapers.

I had no idea how true that was 'til I had a baby of my own to tend.

Also like a baby, if you try to change the world, it will let loose right in your face...

Adjust for scale!

**** End Quote ****

It is physically impossible to buy a diesel motorbike.

I should have bit the bullet and made my own VW Trike based upon a vanagon style engine setup.

Not a front drive engine switched to rear drive. That route leads to heart break.

I messed with a Geo Metro trans-engine trying to make a modern trike.

I finally sold it and my notes to a more determined gear-head than I.

Last I looked, he was still twiddling the design.

Of course, maybe Bobbi could lend me a hand, she presents like she likes tilting at windmills.

Then again, if she gave up her MGB, she might have that out of her system.

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