Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Memories Home Made Can Wrench

Welcome To Friday Memories.  A reminiscence on my past!
Be assured that any transgressions against decency or the law are covered by Statute of Limitations.

My 25th Birthday, I was carrying an ice chest, containing two half gallons of 80 proof alcohol, and one two litre of coca-cola.  I was also carrying a battery powered computer, a 12v TV, and a home made test set!

I was looking for adventure, and if I didn't find it, I was pretty sure it'd find me!

Hacking and Phreaking were lifeblood activities back then.  I was also playing around with welding.  I was using a cheap nut driver to remove a welding tip.  The ruined tip jammed in the dollar nut driver.  I put it down on the workbench.

Now I had made a can wrench out of an allen wrench,  Counting my time, and the lathe that I had made, I had probably a hundred and twenty dollars into that wrench.  By happy accident I had just created one for a dollar fifty.  I dropped a little flux, and brazed them carefully together.

Over seven years of illicitly invading phoneco property, and even a couple of stints of legally opening junction boxes, that can wrench gave me yeoman service.  I gave it to a lineman a few years after I started doing network administration.  He admired it so much, and stroked my ego so well.  I figured if I needed another one, I could just make one.  I have a half dozen Xcelite drivers of that size in the broken bin.

In my retirement, I even toyed with making some, and selling them on ebay.

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