Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs RIP

We will miss you.  Not terribly much, but we WILL miss you!

I mean you cheated, swindled, and took shameful advantage of your best friend.
Didn't treat your customers right.
Drove Hard-Core Apple loyalists into the PC-Intel-Microsoft camp in droves.
But all us Apple enthusiasts are so used to that, and so co-dependent, that we'll miss you.
I wasn't going to your funeral, but since the Westboro Baptist Church will protest there.
I'll be there.
I may have hated you for milking the computer community for all it was worth.
Making Bill Gates look like Mother Teresa.
But I'll be God Damned, if I'll let the WBC use your death for a God Hates Fags rally.

Join me at Steve's funeral.  I'll have spare ax-handles and baseball bats to make the
WBC feel right at home.

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Ultimate Ordnance said...

I thought that you were kidding about WBC, until I Googled it. Ironic that they used an i-phone to announce the protest: