Wednesday, February 6, 2013

.25 Slander!

I may have blogged on this before.  There is a trite old saying.  "If you shoot someone with a .25, and he finds out, you're in trouble.  Now I have carried on and off for thirty years.  Several of those were with a .25.  I switched to a .22, because in those bad old Clinton-y days, a box of .25 cost the same as a box of .45.  I have shot the .25.  It does harsh damage to wood, and it will penetrate a jello jiggler to a depth of 5 to 6 inches.  More than adaquate enough.

There is a lot of snobbery on the internet regarding the .25.  And in Real Life!  I was regaled one night to an urban legend of a convenience store clerk that was shot in the head with a .25.  The bullet traversed under the skin outside the skull and caused minimal damage.  The Restaurant Manager regaled me with this tale, I don't know what his motivation was.  I informed him that this was a single incident, not a trend.  He couldn't even take action on a waitress over a single incident. 

The only reason I started carrying 9mm was the fact that I got a nice Kel-Tec, smaller than the P-64 in Makarov caliber that it replaced.  Reloading 9mm was cheaper than 9X18,  and easier than .25.  Of course now the reverse is true.  Damn Obama anyway!  With luck the prices will go down before I run through all my 9mm.  If I really wanted to be mercenary, I could sell some of the Winchester White Box for current prices!

Sorry, just ruminating!

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