Sunday, February 3, 2013

Corn status and pail opener!

Well back in November I tried to sprout some popcorn.  I got it up to a foot tall.  then someone left the kitchen door open and killed my plants.  I am planning to sprout some feed corn, and see if it does ok.  I like an ear of corn with my food in season.  With the iffy situation regarding my house, I'll skip the 25 chickens.  Pity,  I'd love eggs with breakfast.  Right now the tomato plants are the only thing coming along reliably.  I'll do my level best to keep them alive, til it's time to plant them outdoors.  They might have to come along on my road-trip to South Carolina.  I don't see where I can do my food storage, when I have a bunch of freeloading roomies.  I bring in enough foor to feed the whole house for four days.  It's gone the next day.  If a SHTF situation happens, I'm either putting them on the road, or turning them into dog food!  No, scratch that.  None of then would be fit to feed to the dogs.  To restrain my more homicidal impulses, I decided to make a few pail opening tools.

If anyone would be interested in something like this, I'd charge $10.00 plus reasonable shipping.  Those little plastic ones require too much effort.  I bet I could pop the lid off by applying this to two or three places. 

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