Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back to Work

Well I guess I should have been doing this earlier. I'm going to build a trike or quad cycle using electric power. I'm going to start with a steel platform. Then move to aluminum. once I got a working model, I'll improve the hell out of it. I guess I could start with Mom's power chair she never used, then do the usual upgrades, brushless motor, Lithium Hydride batteries.

I did get some good results 25 years ago with three batteries, and a starter motor.

Even with the gas going below $2, this is necessary. I still have a recurring image of a 1978 Hustler cartoon. An Arab flashing Uncle Sam, A gas nozzle between his legs.

We need to fix matters so we are never again dependent upon those extremist savages for anything.

Most of us could use the exercise!

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