Saturday, November 8, 2008

She gave me one!

The Ex-Girlfriend is being exasperating. She thinks sexual climax is a competition sport. Since I can brush the back of her neck, and her spine with my 4 day shadow, and have her screaming for more, She thinks she's losing, since I may, or may not, ejaculate. The fact that Ejaculation and Orgasm are separate items doesn't penetrate her comprehension. Also the fact that I'm 46, 380 pounds, diabetic, and on a dozen pills, and 3 injections, 3 times daily, for all the other stuff wrong with me, has evaded her attention. The only reason I'm not filling her up with ejaculate, is that I'm fucking someone else, OR I just don't get turned on by her.

I think I screwed up. I sort of hid out at a friend's house. I never thought of her sexually. In fact I thought of her more as Darth Maul to my Siddious. She listened, as I more or less poured out my soul to her.

Halfway through the night, when I was blitzed from my painkillers, I was basically shown that I could hit the other side of the room with an ejaculation. If my partner wasn't treating beat the cock, like beat the clock. Sorry, I'm riding high on euphoria. I think the ex, is more ex than yesterday.

And where I had a friend who'd kill for me, I now have a Friend With Benefits, if I'm not careful, she has probably popped out, and maimed for me already.

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