Sunday, November 16, 2008

in prase of cheap guns!

It only cost me $69 used, with a second magazine bringing it up another $7. When the ammo reaches it's fifth birthday, I take this out, plink tin cans, and buy another box. .380 in our house is just a notch above a bedroom gun. She's Cheap, Trashy, and if you handle her wrong, she'll draw blood. For years I had a pair of parallel scars in the web of my hand, where she taught me to grip lower and firmer. A friend had the same model, his always jammed. Being a Vietnam Vet he cheerfully dubbed her "Jammin' Jenny". After she let him down in an unsocial encounter, he left her on the stove top to melt down. My "Jenny" has never let me down, but then I've never put her in the extreme situations my friend put his. I just keep her up high by the door in case of hostile callers. If I carried in that small a caliber, I'd get a barrel for a Makarov, or PA-63. I got her small sister in .22lr, and she's always treated me right. I take her out more.

My Dad's Favorite Cheap Auto is the Raven .25. I think I've had a dozen of those before I turned 21. I used to order the strikers by the dozen anyway.

Oh yeah! any striker fired pistol, first thing order 3 replacement strikers, Damn thing will go out on you at the most inconvenient time. I got a big ol horse of a Hi-Point .45. Not only do I have 3 replacement striker firing pins, I have turned a couple from brass to make sure I have an alternate replacement. Hey if one breaks, and the others are identical...

I once made a firing pin from a brass key, for my H&R Defender .38. Brass is reliable, and will get the job done.

And if it let's you down, you can melt it down and try again.

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