Friday, April 3, 2009

Late Birthday Present

One of my former students got me a late Birthday Present. Probably the most well thought out one. A half-dozen Craftsman #2 Phillips Screwdrivers, a half-dozen Regular screwdrivers, also craftsman, and an odd assortment of differing pliers. I think she scored the pliers at Goodwill, and yard sales. She got the screwdrivers new either traded, or bought at Sears. She was over at my house a little over a year ago when I went on a rampage, and tracked down all my misplaced tools, and put them back in tool boxes, tool bags, the tool bucket, and various utility drawers. I have an ex-girlfriend who is just that thoughtful. she raids the goodwill stores for odd tools, and (still) presents them to me infrequently in a pail or milk crate.

Sort of like Tam playing the "If he buys me Ammo, is it serious?" thing. I know both women are sweet on me. I just don't know why! I DO own a mirror, and I'm a little absent minded.

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