Saturday, September 5, 2009

Code Word: Screaming

I've had my share of disagreements with the supporters of the current administration.
Talk about an understatement!
Like Denis Leary and Drugs!
I've had my share, your share, your share, his share, and her share.
Most of these disagreements have taken place on this marvelous invention of Al Gore's,
The Internet.
I very rarely even used upper-case letters.
How can I be screaming?

Y'see the word screaming is the new phrase for those who wish to deprive me of my first amendment right to have and express my own opinion.
Along with Astroturf, and extremist.

Look, we had our disagreements in the past.
Indeed, the Clinton Administration made me feel awfully Jewish at times.
But I hasten to emphasize.
At no point in our disagreements during that time.
Though I felt your opinion wrong headed, and possibly suicidally foolish.
Did I ever attempt to deny you the free expression of that opinion.
I never dismissed your agitating as Astroturf, artificial, manufactured, contrived, meaningless.
I never questioned the validity of your existence.
I never denied Your basic Humanity.
Based upon the fact that you held a contrary opinion.
I was raised better than that.
I was told by a Canadian Actor, playing a Fictional Starship Captain,
That the sacred document he held in his hands, applied to everyone.
Not just chiefs and kings.
The Kohms, as well as Yangs.

That Document was the US Constitution.

It applies to everyone.
Or it means nothing.

I gave you respect, played fair and decent,
when opinions and people I liked and respected ruled the land.
Are you going to do the same, or was I a sucker.
Expecting honor from a politically motivated individual.

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