Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chester vs. Ra-Chester

The new guy usually gets called Puppy or Doggie. He isn't as smart as his predecessor. I partially blame this on who helps me to raise him. Chester the Rottweiler had as a surrogate Dad, one of the smartest Cocker Spaniels it was my pleasure to have known, Copper. Ruby, our current mid-size dog, -affectionately known as Bitch- has some attitudes about who's in charge when. If we're hunting, she will take a cue better than any retriever born. I was astonished when she whined and pointed the turkey family that wandered through our neighborhood for a couple of weeks. I don't bird, or I'd have let her flush them. In practice, she's too small for any game I'd hunt, involving dogs.

As a surrogate parent and role model, she sucks rocks. I've had to work twice as hard to teach Ra-Chester anything. I want to eventually teach him to follow me, as I bicycle around the 'hood. Basic moves, and housebreaking have been an uphill battle.

Ruby in all her bitchy glory.

Ruby Enthroned!

Ruby's Turkeys! Look closely! Mom and 4 chilluns.....

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