Sunday, October 4, 2009

Home made Monolithic Solids

Take Six blood sample "Test Tubes".
Coat them with PAM or WD-40.
Arrange them in single or double-file above a plaster of paris mold.
Fill mold with air-evacuated plaster from special home made container. (ask)
when mold is dry, cut at midline with a power jewelers saw.

After you have a six or twelve place mold constructed, cast a few dozen lead slugs to test proper function, then fire up the furnace for brass and aluminum, cast several dozen slugs in brass and aluminum, strap them in the lathe (unless you are fortunate enough to have cast them in your exact caliber), turn them down to your caliber.

I have a bunch in both 45-70 and .45 Long Colt calibers. being a laughing locksmith gives me a fair supply of brass, spent .22, and key machine shavings. I have some ambitions for .54 caliber blackpowder solids. Two dozen Bullets can comprise a whole day's shooting.

If anyone has any experience with Monolithic Solid Bullets with critters, please give me some feedback.....

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