Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot Blonde Monsters

I've been plagued by Maurice Sendak for the past three weeks.
It's not his fault, his book which is only 1 year younger that yours truly,
has finally been made into a movie. I was listening to him on NPR, -yes! I'm a slobbering psycho right-wing gun nut and I listen to NPR!- and he tells the audience about where he got his monsters. Relatives, and Sunday Dinner visitors. Monsters are a touchy -and touching- subject with me. Y'see I was a tall kid for my age. I usually got credit for 2-3 years more than I had. This led to a demonization by Mommys afraid for their delicate darlings. Said darlings damn near killed me several times in my childhood. I mean why not hit the big kid in the head with a rock as hard as possible. He isn't really one of us. His life doesn't matter. I honestly wonder if those little bastards had killed me, if they would feel guilt.... If they would feel at all...

It's hardly surprising that I became attracted to a trend of storytelling, that portrayed the monsters as the beautiful people, and the blonde beautiful people as the real monsters.

I got a sort of thrill in 1979, as the movie E.T. came out. This guy was a stereotypical B-movie monster. And the cute blonde kids weren't screaming, and mobilizing the national guard.

The opening of NCIS was good too, A salvation by a shaggy monster, Gibbs in his Ghilly suit.

I really shouldn't post while feverish. Maybe when I'm better, I can make my point.

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