Sunday, October 4, 2009

Uh Mom? That man is crazy!

Why is Laughing Locksmith naked before a television switched off???

A. 200 channels, and nothing on.

I'm not all that hard to please on the television front. An episode of NCIS that I haven't seen 20 times this year floats my boat just fine. Failing that I'll switch to M*A*S*H, and watch that commie bastard Alan Alda portray a 50's character, from a 70's viewpoint. Happy Days would be nice, I overdosed on the schmaltzy aspect in my 20's. Then when Erin Moran was throwing around those charges, I really soured on the show. Currently I'm watching a show called Trauma. Lotsa cop paramedics. Gotta be L.A., nowhere else sports that many freeways. I guess from the blood and gore count, this is gonna put in a bid to be our gladiatorial games of 2009. I guess if I get to care about the characters, I'll be a regular viewer. San Francisco is the location, the bridge is in the background.....

They conned me into it with Homicide: Life on the street. Munch was too much like me dialed up to 11. Bayliss, was too angst-y. Meldrick I had some sympathy for. There's one thing worse than being an angsty, homosexual, wiccan. That's having to be the partner of an angsty, homosexual, wiccan. The man had his baggage, but it wasn't remarkable in the face of his co-workers, who would be charged extra baggage fees, if they walked on the plane nude.....

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