Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm glad She's OK!

Brigid, one of my favorite Blog People had a spot of bother.

If it can happen to she who carries a Sig Sauer .45 while she works.....
It can happen to anyone.
In fact on November 2nd it happened to me.

I was in the Kitchen that Monday night readying my Insulin Pens.
Too lazy to walk over to the Knife Rack, I took my gerber, that I keep
clipped inside my front pocket to cut open some box seals.
I then left it on the prep table.
As I was putting one set of pens into my kit, there was a knock at the door.
It were ten o'clock, so I braced my foot behind the door. I told myself if it were
the missionaries as this hour, I'd Give 'em Hell!
I opened the door with my foot braced behind it. At night, no one comes in unless
they have a warrant, And firepower.

In the yard was four, count 'em four, guys wearing bandannas over their faces.
I looked the first one in the eyes. "What's going on?" I asked. I was about to add
that Halloween was two days over with, when he screamed something incomprehensible,
and raised what looked like a short baseball bat.

I slammed the door, braced my foot against the bottom, shouldered the door, and
bellowed for the roomie to bring me a gun. I was fairly specific. I wanted my .410
Snake Charmer. She brought me a four foot Mauser. I opened the door swearing
I'd turn a couple of them into mash potatoes. They were running up the block.
Roomie had the cops on the phone. I traded the Mauser for the .410 I wanted, in
case they came back.

Cops actually responded in good time. I left the shotgun on the coffee table, went
to answer the door. One of them took the gun into my room, expressed disapproval
at the size of my gun cabinet. Normally I'd have told him to get his Democrat ass out
of my house, and let me fumigate the place with a couple of good cigars. I also allowed
them to survive the brought it upon yourself platitude that cops wanna use.
If I had my way, a cop would go to jail for saying that. No one asks to be violated.

By the time it were over, I was angrier at the police, than the attempted home invaders.
Even writing about it pisses me off.

After hearing that Brigid also suffered at the hands of the more vigorous of the
something for nothing democrat crowd. As I said at the beginning, if she who
carries a Sig .45 as part of her job can be targeted by those idiots, what chance
does a mere mortal like myself have.

I'm getting trained at Front Sight, Having my dog trained, I am so never getting caught
out like that again...


Brigid said...

Glad you're OK. We've had a lot of little break-in's in this community as the city grew further out and low rent housing started popping up nearer what were rural housing areas.

I just figured with the big "alarm" sign out front it wouldn't happen.

Nope. They probably never looked at the front, just came in from the back sensed no one home and went for it. Thank heavens for large snarly dogs.

John B said...

Yep, that's about all Ra-Chester is good for right now. He's coming into a big dog growl that will be impressive when it grows up.