Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm kinda mad!

Strike that I'm mad enough to kill something. Mister thing was in his cups expressing admmiration for the murderous escapade down in Fort Hood. Reminds me of those welfare cases down at the plasma centre, who thought those 9-11-01 plane hijackers were ooooohh so brave. I was 8 years younger then and I held my murderous anger in check. Though I did suggest that one clueless woman give the burned corpse of a 9-11 hijacker an oral endearment to show her admiration for someone who'd take her, and her 6 welfare brats, and stone them to death.

Not with a 7 lobed leaf either!

I am probably going to do something evil from my hacker past to mr thing.
Ordinarily I'd call Fatherland Security, and report him for what he said.
But in today's political climate......
They'd probably give him an Obama Cabinet Post.

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