Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to my Roots!

I've FOUND you Steve Ciarcia!
(Let's see James Earl Jones do that line with a straight face!) :)
Back when I was an under-twenty-something, there was a column in Byte Magazine, that for me was the only reason to buy Byte Magazine. Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar. We learned to build our own techno toys. Sorry Bobbi! I love tubes, and transistors. But DIP Integrated Circuits are the grownups Legos. I'm playing around with GPS Chips. I saw what they want for development and eval kits. Since I have a few -dozen- gps-chipped phones, I'll be making a eval kit from a defunct shoe phone.

actually this project, if carried out to it's full conclusion, would have me a power supply that I can recharge at any time. Then I could adapt the display to show the gps coordinates. If I could figure out how to do that now, I wouldn't have to remove chips from phones.

Has anyone messed with phone GPS chips?

I messed with a few On-Star Boxes! Too big for anything other than entertainment value.....

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