Saturday, December 19, 2009

counter point

that's the title of Tam's post.


Tam and Roberta X are mentioning that the newspapers in our captive press are trying to start a holocaust against gun owners.

Joanna disagrees.

I disagree with the whole thing.
Our politics shouldn't be driven by people who are so afraid of guns, they would require the government to forcibly disarm us. Half the big voices, Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer, are liars and hypocrites. They own guns, carry for self protection. They just don't want any of US to....

We need to go on the offensive now. As far as I am concerned, anti-gunners are willing partners to every murder, theft, and rape that happens in this country. Any time an anti gunner starts to spout off, we need seven loud women screaming RAPIST!

They have demonized us gun owners nonstop since Robert Kennedy's assassination. It is time to take the fight back to them. They aren't expected to be truthful or logical, hit them with their own Alinsky-Fueled activism.

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