Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now I'm really pissed off!

I woke from a confused dream, uneasy for my friend.
Let me start from the beginning.
When I was younger, 25, I had a hard core drinking buddy, 40-something. I dreamed of him as he was then, and I as I am now. I was trying to help him find his lost love. He told me this story one night. He'd met a woman, gave up the booze for her. On the night that he'd told her they should marry, he took a drink to celebrate. As was the way with him, one drink led to 20 more. He sobered up, not only couldn't find her, he couldn't even find the town she was in...

I dreamt that I was trying to help him find her. My take on the original story was that he'd hiked to the "backyard" of the land he'd staked out for them, got turned around, and somehow ended up 50 miles away. It could happen! A friend and I, chased a deer from North Dakota, 20 miles into Canada one time.

We triangulated where this town should be. There was only a graveyard, the largest part of which held the residents of a town wiped out by a flash flood. In 1947. 40 years prior. Either my drinking buddy was almost 70, or he somehow got transported in time.

All the dream was pieces of experiences from those days. Driving drunk down a country road, friends and I found the cemetery. We drove home much more sober than when we arrived. It took five years of pre-internet research, before I again found the graveyard and town.

I doubt there was any actual connection between my drinking buddy, and the unfortunate residents of that graveyard. I did find several people who died in their teens and twenties. Gave me pause for thought.

But what pissed me off, is a friend sent me links to all the foreign people who thought we should vote for Obama.

Now in any Americans endorsed a foreign candidate, it'd be the kiss of death for them. Like if I said anything regarding Andrea Merkel, other than admiration of her tits she showed off for us. Germany would rise to a man, and say, "How dare that stinking Amerikaner tell us who to vote for!"

As for Nicholas Sarkozy, If that narcissistic ass tries to influence American policy, or opinion one more time, I'll send a resolution to the UN that we give France back to Germany.

I think that Harold Saxon was the best choice to lead the UK.

but I'd only venture that opinion if asked. And only to a fellow Doctor Who fan.

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