Saturday, March 27, 2010

Handcuff Sunday postphoned due to dead laptop.

Sorry guys! The regularly scheduled feature on this blog will be delayed, as will the rest of my WWW related life. Three years ago, I purchased an Acer Laptop. I was so happy with it, I made the mistake of concentrating my entire life on it. Now all my computer based life resides on a hard drive just the size of two zippo lighters side by side. It needs a power jack on the motherboard. According to Geek Squad it needs a motherboard replacement. This relic in my basement just got four hours of my attention to get it running again. Sometime after the first of next month I will be able to run my blog, and life, again the way I like. Until then I just will hope for the e-mail not to pile up too badly. This is the only box that can access the internet. And I must replace the power supply fan, with a neon blue LED fan.

Tomorrow I scour Spokane for a proper sized power jack.
Failing that I got an old full-sized VHS camcorder I can gut for the connector. As it works, I don't really want to do that.

This would drive me to drink if I still did.
(Weep Wail!)

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