Sunday, March 21, 2010

Handcuff Sunday? GEROCO

Uses Standard Police Handcuff Key. GEROCO is GEorge Rose Company.
No Model Number, no Serial Number, No markings at all aside from GEROCO on one cheek piece, and Japan on the opposing ratchet. I got my pair for $3.95 plus tax in 1978. I'd gladly pay $25 for a pair in pristine condition today. Sold as a security guards cuffs, I guess they didn't feel right competing with Smith & Wesson, or Peerless for the police market. I just got a pair of handcuffs marked UZI that would stand inferior to these. The picture isn't of mine by the way. This was a set that worked 30 years in a mom and pop convenience store. Shoplifters would wear those in the back office while waiting for the cops, or the parents.

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