Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally Got my UZI after 31 years!

It's not the 'A' model I drooled over at Dutch's Pawn Shop back in the day.
Nor is it the 'B' that replaced the 'A'...
It's not the Mini or Micro models...

It's HANDCUFFS okay!

Actually my first pair being Geroco from Japan, I'm kinda spoiled.
I guess IMI just licensed out the use of the name.
The cover blurb on the box says 'Designed for official Police use'.
They wouldn't pass the DOJ-NIJ guidelines.
I don't have these memorized, so no points off, okay?

1. Left cuff should be mirror image of right cuff.
This is two 'right cuffs' hooked together.

2. all areas that are sharp, are to be made smooth and rounded.
Some pairs in my collection, I can whittle wood with the edges.
These aren't that bad, though they'd leave a mark on delicate wrists.

Update: The key is a small bitted one. The regular bit between the two cheekpieces is only 2/3rds as wide as a regulation set of cuffs. FAIL!

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