Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At least I'll get you drunk first!

Marko writes about a literary contest.

They charge you $149 to enter.
They require you to sign over your rights in perpetuity.
They won't return non-winning entries.
All entries become the property of the publisher holding the contest.

And they don't even mention using lube and a comdom.

I have fell for these things before...
Galaxy Mall for instance.
But they took me dining, dancing, and got me boozed up first!

How about it Blogosphere, would you like to enter my contest.
Pay me $99.95 and I'll screw you, till you're sore.
Of course since I announced that as my intent, you know what that makes me........

But what does her contest make Karen Hunter....
As they said on newgrounds.com

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